Exclusive Pics – LEGO City Spaceport Set 60080

LEGO City Spaceport Set 60080 consists of 586 pieces and will be available around August 2015 for $119. Stay tuned as we gather more details.


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  1. Carol Roberts

    I love Lego’s, they’re always fun to have around as another activity to pass the time. The thing is, this is really $119? I don’t get how Lego’s are so expensive these days. It’s as if they’re like gold and it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of stuff in this box. It looks like fun to make, but I doubt I’d waste that much money on it to be honest.

    • Chris

      Carol, I totally agree. This set in particular seems exceedingly overpriced. Generally sets are priced closer to $0.10/piece. Highest I usually see is ~$0.13/piece on more popular themed sets, which is still pushing it. This set is over $0.20/piece for a pretty generic set. I wouldn’t pay more than $60 for this


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