LG 55EM9700 Is The First 55-Inch OLED TV In The Market

For some reason, you're not enamored with the recent drop of 4K2K Ultra-HD TVs.  You're probably justified, too, since it won't be a while before we start getting movies (much less TV shows) that take advantage of all that pixel power.  If you're still in the market for a new TV, though, the LG 55EM9700 might figure as a better fit.

The first large-screen OLED TV available in the market, it brings 55 inches of OLED goodness straight to your home.  That means, no more settling for puny sizes if you want the stunning picture quality and ultra-slim panels -- you can have your fill of blinding size and brilliant display all in one set.

Measuring a mind-boggling 0.16 inches thin and weighing just under 22 pounds, the LG 55EM9700 will almost certainly ensure TV-envy from every clown that used to laugh at your tiny OLED panel when they come over to watch UFC fights on weekends.  LG is promising "astoundingly vivid and realistic pictures" courtesy of their WRGB technology, too, which features a white sub-pixel that works in conjunction with the standard red, blue and green setup.  Other features include infinite contrast ratio (optimal contrast regardless of ambient light and viewing angle) and a color refiner.

Sure, LG is a little late to market with this thing.  If you remember, this was supposed to come out right after the Olympics.  At any rate, this beauty is here now and will likely be the choice TV for anyone with a penchant for razor-thin gadgets and a lot of disposable money in their pockets.

The LG 55EM9700 is now available for orders in South Korea, with deliveries slated for the first week of February.  Other markets will follow in the coming weeks.  Price is just a little over $10,000.

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  1. Adrian Piackard

    Infinite contrast ratio? Now that’s a bold claim. I’m tired of brands confusing consumers. Contrast ratio itself is a grey area as there is no official, universal form of measuring it. A white sub-pixel is not that impressive. If I’m not mistaken Sharp has been adding multiple different color sub-pixels to their TVs for quite some time. Really, all colors on a TV can be produced by the basic RGB pixels. If anything, why didn’t they attempt a black sub-pixel, or perhaps both? Plasma TVs are renowned for their deep black levels that LCD/LEDS have simply not surpassed. Now give me an LED with that coveted black level and I’m sold. Since it’s OLED I’m sure it’s a beautiful picture, and that’s what I’m ALL about; (I have a computer – why do I need a smart TV?) however, 10K is a little steep for me and I’d need to see it in action myself. Hz are good, but still, the human eye is only capable processing so many frames per second. Thinness has never been a big deal for me. (Just seems more fragile?) Pass for me. I’m sure artistocrats who think it’s PURDDY will be scrambling for this though.


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