Lil Trucker Is A Survival Multi-Tool Sized To Fit In The Glove Compartment


We’re huge fans of Trucker’s Friend, a survival multi-tool built for big rig drivers and outdoorsmen alike. Only problem is, the darn thing is huge, which is fine when you’re carrying it on a truck, but not so much when you’re hiking half the day over mountainous terrain. The Lil Trucker redesigns that multi-tool into a more portable form, making it easier to bring along during your outdoor adventures.

Originally developed for rescue workers, the new tool measures under a foot in length, making it small enough to fit inside glove compartments and backpacks. At that size, you can even clip it onto a belt loop without much discomfort. Well, aside from the discomfort of accidental cuts, so you best make sure to cover up those blades with the included custom leather sheath.


The Lil Trucker has a head that functions as a hatchet blade, a hammer, and a pry tool, with an integrated hex wrench (four sizes), gas valve wrench, nail puller, spanner, wire twist, and even a bottle opener. Along the handle sits a folding saw and a strap cutter, with a tungsten carbide glass breaker at the tail end. Yep, that’s a whole lot of functions for a single, compact handheld tool. Construction is 1055 carbon steel. It’s designed to be carried along with the Survival Companion, another multi-tool that combines a flint, a blade sharpener, and a loud whistle, providing an extra set of tools to support you when things go asunder out in the wild.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Lil Trucker. Pledges to reserve a full set (Lil Trucker, Survival Companion, and leather sheath) starts at $99.

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  1. William

    I like this a lot more than the smaller ones I’ve seen in stores, or the one I have for example. Mine is mostly plastic, and although it has a small metal head for window-smashing, this one looks much more durable, and built solid for any given task, with any and varying parts of it’s body. Carbon Steel is pretty indestructible, and it’s obvious that this thing can take a beating. I think the one I have is only about 4-7 inches, while this ones blatantly a foot. This is a wide device too, and I believe the girth adds to it’s overall weight and reliability. Looking through the features, it almost looks like you could use these for a lot of general labor jobs too that requires destroying or undoing screws, nails, and other contraptions or pieces of wood that might be acting as obstructions to your work.


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