Limited Range Projectile: These Bullets Self-Destruct In Short Range To Avoid Hitting Bystanders


Regardless of how many times your favorite TV policeman fires his gun every episode, the truth is, law enforcers try to avoid gunfights when working around city streets. That’s because missed shots can easily hit innocent civilians (and shot glasses), making them quite the unsafe proposition. That’s why these Limited Range Projectiles from the US Army could seriously change the game.

Designed to reduce collateral damage, the bullet is designed to self-destruct within a certain range, ensuring any bullets fired won’t be able to go much further past your target. That means, instead of hitting civilians or properties, the bullets will automate detonate while airborne, minimizing the chances they’ll cause any further harm.

Granted, these Limited Range Projectiles aren’t exactly stocked up in the armory yet. Instead, it’s currently under development by the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center. The way it works, though, is still fascinating all the same. Under the patent, the bullet will include both a pyrotechnic and a reactive material, with the pyrotechnic immediately being ignited upon launching out of the barrel, in turn causing the reactive material to ignite and burn. Upon burning to a certain point, the reactive material essentially renders the bullet unstable, causing it to explode, lose its trajectory, and simply drop to the ground.

The Limited Range Projectiles tech is currently being applied to .50 caliber rounds, with plans to expand to others if tests prove successful.

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2 Responses

  1. Carolina

    I realize there’s still quite some time before these bullets will be used on the regular but what a great invention. It saddens me to see innocent people hurt and while I know police and those fighting for our country will do everything in their power to only fight when absolutely necessary, accidents happen. I’m so glad these bullets are being tested and can’t wait to hear about them being available in more than just the .50 caliber rounds. There are so many objects today that have been given “brains” and before we know it, we may just end up with “smart” bullets that lock in on a specific target just like we see in the movies.

  2. Testament

    So what you’re saying is when the bullet strikes it’s target it will do the initial penetration and then after it settles in whatever it hits it simply explodes causing even more damage? That’s awesome. Although this isn’t really designed for anti-personnel rounds since any body part hit with a .50cal round pretty much just goes splash, and then it’s gone, it’s still a pretty metal idea.


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