Liquidseat Turns Any Pool Into An Instant Swim-Up Bar


Those edges of a pool are the perfect spots for setting down drinks while you spend the afternoon day-drinking while soaking in the water. So why not just add stools in the water to turn it into a full-fledged swim-up bar? The Liquidseat is a lightweight stool that lets you do just that.

Designed for stable function under water, it gives you an easy way to add seating to any pool, whether you want to set up an in-pool bar, stage an in-pool pool tournament, or just have some chairs on the pool, so you can soak in the water while having you legs fully rested. No construction, no installation, and no elaborate setup necessary – just throw it in the pool and the stool will align itself to properly settle on the floor.


The Liquidseat measures 23 inches tall, so it’s recommended for best use at the shallow end of the pool (between 3 to 3.5 feet). Weighing 15 pounds, it’s easy enough to carry from the garage to the backyard pool and back, with the internal weighting system taking care of keeping it stable in the water (no need to tack on additional weight). Small perforations on top of the seat enable the escape of air, keeping it submerged in water, with the 14-inch diameter seat offering enough surface space to let you plop down comfortably. Construction is polyethylene plastic, so it should experience no trouble standing to the rigors of water and the outdoors, with a stackable design that enables easy storage and transport.


Available now, the Liquidseat is priced at $159.99 apiece.

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  1. Michael Coleman

    Do you think the pretty girls will be attracted to the pool if we set it up with a full bar and some swimming pool furniture. These stools are pretty cool. I know sometimes I get a little tired while swimming, and I go sit on the steps. If I had these, I could just hang out at the edge of the pool and stay nice and cool in the water. I love that these require no assembly! I probably wouldn’t put them in storage in off months. I would bring them indoors and use them in the house, they look pretty nice.


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