LiquiGlide Coating Makes The Insides Of Bottles So Slippery, Even The Stickiest Ketchup Slides Right Off


Retrieving those last remaining blotches of condiments and sauces out of their containers is a frustrating affair. It doesn’t matter whether its peanut butter, ketchup, or your favorite barbecue sauce, it’s not uncommon to simply throw away bottles with some of their edible contents still stuck inside. LiquiGlide is a custom coating that makes the inside of containers super-slippery, ensuring their contents come out with very little resistance.

Created by a group of MIT students, it’s a liquid-impregnated coating that acts as a barrier between the contents and the inside of the container, ensuring any viscous liquid will not be able to cling to the side of any bottle or container. No more shaking the bottle, smacking its bottom, or performing all manners of workaround – with this thing in tow, you just pour like normal to enjoy every last drop.


Rather than a single formulation, LiquiGlide is actually tailored to every individual application, so the coating for a bottle of ketchup is likely to be different compared to the coating created for a tube of hair product. This is done to ensure that it’s both sufficiently slippery and won’t contaminate the content, using only solids and liquids that are compatible with its physical and chemical properties. Because of this custom formulation, they can also control the speed at which the liquids slide out of the bottle, using different materials and coating structures to enable the desired pace.

LiquiGlide currently licenses its technology for use in a variety of products, including Orkla’s mayonnaise and Elmer’s glue. You can learn more about the technology directly from their website.

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  1. maxine

    this was a really good idea as i find myself constantly not only struggling to get the last bits out of ketchup but also wasting it because i just get impatient with it or it refuses to come out anymore. how much do these bottles start at? i think it would be a good touch to include a funnel with these so that you don’t make a huge mess when transferring the condiments or liquids from the main container to these. figures some MIT students created this technology, nice! the demo video for LiquiGlide was very informative, and makes me want to try a pair out! my only concern would be that the liquids i put inside somehow wind up tasting like the specialized gel that each of these are made with inside. how do they prevent the two liquids from interacting with each other?


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