Little Burro Turns The Wheelbarrow Into A Multi-Purpose Work Caddy


A wheelbarrow is a heck of a workhorse on its own, making it indispensable to gardens, job sites, and any other place where people do manual labor. If you’re using it to haul different tools and supplies around, though, it’s far from ideal, since everything gets mixed up in that sole, tub-like container. The Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer changes that.

Simply install this thing onto your wheelbarrow to transform it into a multi-purpose caddy with built-in divisions for separating all the gear you’re ferrying around. Sure, it’s not for every job, but for those tasks where you need a place to stash extra tools along with whatever you’re carrying in the tray, this thing lets you do that in an organized manner.


The Little Burro sets down on top of the wheelbarrow, covering half the opening, so you still get access to everything in the tray. More than a simple lid, though, it comes with multiple sections that let you add new storage compartments above the wheelbarrow’s bed. You get a large central tray that you can use for mixing soil, as well as carrying planters, hand tools, and even an extra bag of supplies. Hooks along the sides allow you to carry long-handled garden tools on each side of the cart, with two holes on top where you can insert hand tools by their handle.   There’s also two cup holders, two smaller open trays for supplies, and a covered compartment in the rear center for your phone and valuables.


Available now, the Little Burro is priced at $59.95.

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  1. Bart

    I would buy this simply for the holders on the side of it. Being able to carry my rake and shovel on the side of the wheelbarrow would save me a lot of backtracking. The drink holder is also a nice add-on.

    Moving a wheelbarrow is easy. Moving a fully loaded wheelbarrow across soft soil while also trying to carry a shovel and a drink is impossible, until now. This is a great design. My only concern is the internal bucket will only hold 80 pounds. For most things that is OK, but don’t expect to use it for concrete or moving sod. For most people 80 pounds is more than enough because you can still use the rest of the wheelbarrow bucket.

    Buy a quality wheelbarrow also. If you have only used cheap wheelbarrows then you are making your life harder. Buy a quality wheelbarrow and the Little Burro and it will make all of your home and garden chores much easier.


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