LMcable Plugs Into Lightning And microUSB Ports Without Using An Adapter


If you own both Android and iOS flavors of mobile devices, there’s a good chance you carry multiple charging cables. Or a microUSB cable with a Lightning adapter in tow. That’s because no one’s ever made a single connector that can plug into both Lightning and microUSB slots, after all. At least, not until now with the LMcable.

That’s right, it’s a sync and charging cable that can fit into both Apple’s proprietary port and the microUSB slot used everywhere else. And it does without performing any sneaky shape-shifting, making for one clever platform-agnostic solution the world has long needed.


How does the LMcable pull off the dual compatibility? By coming with different designs on each side of the connector, so you insert it one way when using with microUSB slots, then flip it to the other side for inserting into a Lightning dock. It’s an elegant solution that we’re genuinely surprised no one has done before. That novel connector is paired with a regular USB plug on the other end of the cable, which you should be able to use with any available USB port, whether on a computer, wall outlet, or power strip. Features include a brass buckle, tangle-free cable, tin-plated copper wires, and four colorways (brown with gold plug, white with silver plug, blue with silver plug, and black with dark gray plug).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for LMcable. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $21.

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2 Responses

  1. Joel

    I’m shocked this cable has never been made before and I’m even more shocked by the price. $21 is nothing, especially when this is going to be such a high demand product. Not to rant, but I have yet to understand why all devices cannot be charged and transfer data using the exact same chords. Wouldn’t that just made sense? One of the many things that has made me fall in love with Android so much is that every single one of their phones that I have had for many years now use the exact same plug. I was really excited when I got a tablet through Verizon and the same charger even worked for that as well. So many different types of chargers just gets plain confusing.

  2. Bart

    Luckily we have the benefits of crowdsourcing. Because f crowdsourcing sites such as KickStarter we get cool products such as the LMcable. This is a product people wanted, yet NO company released one. They figured they’d sell more cables overall by not developing one. LMcable comes along, builds what people want, and is a huge success. Not the other companies will start copying the design of the LMcable. I really hope LMcable will remain successful once all of the imitators products arrive. I am grateful for the LMcable. I have been hammering for this for years, yet I am told it is not feasible. I am not smart enough to know any better, but luckily LMcable is much smarter than me and came up with 1 great design that will work awesome for countless people, including myself.


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