L@p Chair: The Laptop Lounger


Looking for a lounge chair your guests can actually work in?  Try the unusually-sculptured L@p Chair, an eyecatching single-seater that comes with sweeping lines and a utilitarian desk for hoisting laptops onto.

Shaped like a quote (or maybe an apostrophe), it comes as a single unified piece, with a comfortable backrest and ample tablespace along the left hand side.  It actually looks like it was based off of those classroom chairs with an attached armrest and a table.  Ergonomically, it appears a tad suspicious, looking like it's bound to give you an uncomfortable time, though I'll reserve my judgment till I actually sit in one.

To manage the unusual shape, the L@p Chair uses a sculpted metal frame, reinforced with poly-urethane foam decked in wads of fiber to provide a firm, comfortable surface.  The seats stand on a revolving base, finished in either steel satin or chrome.  Rossin says it can work well with various types of upholstery, including elastic fabrics, microfiber and leather.

Designed by Martin Ballendat for Italian furniture makers Rossin, it seems intended to use as a substitute office chair, although I can't really imagine it in a workstation.  On an airport or a hotel lounge, however, this looks like a perfect laptop lounger - more private than a bar and less cumbersome than putting the computer on your lap.  Plus, you won't toast your family jewels with radiation and heat, if you believe in that stuff.

There's no word on availability or price.  Since it's already on the manufacturer's site, though, I'm assuming this can be ordered bespoke or, at the least, scheduled for availability soon.

[Rossin via Geeky Gadgets]

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  1. Dunham

    Coolest laptop chair i have ever seen. I wonder how much it costs ?

  2. Ian

    It looks cool but I’m not sure about how comfortable it will be. Judging from the picture, I think you would require to twist yourself a little to the side to work on the laptop.

  3. krista Sanders

    we would really appericate it if you gave us this chair you see we are a class that the whole school hates because we arent smart and we bring the schools test grades down so they put us in this one tiny room with 20 students no vaccum there is also a student in this class who has flat feet so he has to get lots of surgery and hurtful chairs wont help him but if we had this chair we would feel much better we would do charity work anything please ask yourself What Would jesus Do thank you! you can reach us at the placerville union school district Edwin Markham School
    the care class

  4. krista Sanders

    jk jk jk we are just kidding about giving us the chair but everything else is true and the even put my students in there on pe class how rude!!!!! all they get to do is play dodge ball everyday how incredibly lame is that But we would lpove a discount hahaha lol looks kool but not comfy not one bit

  5. pd

    It’s a crime that designers can waste natural resources on this sort of dysfunctional junk. It offers inadequate back support and barely fits a netbook, let alone a true laptop.


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