Brighten Up Your Rainy Days With A Magical Unicorn Umbrella


If you look hard enough, you might find a rainbow after the rain. Why bother, though, when you can see all the colors of the rainbow during the rain, so long as someone is using this Magical Unicorn Umbrella?

Like all things blessed by the wonders of the mystical unicorn, this umbrella radiates a magical power that turns dreary rainy days into blissful moments of playful fun. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. I mean, it certainly comes with enough whimsical details to soften up even the dourest of moods.


The Magical Unicorn Umbrella comes with a faux ivory handle that’s clad in the bust of a mythical horned equine, with a design that looks like it will serve well as the hilt of a sword, too. Seriously, a unicorn broadsword that makes you bleed in pixie dust sounds awesome. It pairs that unicorn handle with a colorful canopy that recreates the colors of the rainbow in pastel hues, with a polished golden horn tip to cap all the goofy things off with a slightly more refined touch.


The product page, of course, claims that using the umbrella will allow you to attract unicorns to come within your vicinity, so expect a cosplaying furry to drop by for no reason whatsoever. We’re not sure about materials, construction, or any actual details about the umbrella, but, hey, it’s got a unicorn on it, so it has to be awesome. It measures 92 x 12 x 5 cm (l x w x d).

Available now, the Magical Unicorn Umbrella is priced at £19.99.

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  1. Michael

    Ok why the heck are unicorns so popular with adults nowadays? I understand kids liking them, but this adult obsession with unicorns seems a bit weird to me. I don’t care for the unicorn handle. I am sure if you are one of the millions of strange people that are obsessed with unicorns then this would be the perfect umbrella for you.

    Although I am not a fan of the unicorn, I do like the way the handle is designed where it wraps around your hand. I also love the colorful pastel pin-striping on the umbrella.

    I would use this umbrella because it is a good bargain that looks good, I’d just prefer to have a dragon or something cooler than a unicorn on it.


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