Instead Of Matchsticks, These MBI Matchlights Come With Tiny Flashlights


If you’re camping outdoors or living with a nicotine habit, a matchbook is a handy thing to have in a pocket. It’s small, non-intrusive, and gets you a decent amount of tiny flames. So why not use the exact same design for a handy disposable flashlight? That’s exactly what they did with these MBI Matchlights.

Made by MatchBox Instruments, it’s a matchbook similar to the ones they used to give out at various establishments. Except, instead of matchsticks, it comes with tiny flashlights clad in the form of matchsticks that you can for emergency lighting whenever the need for one comes up. Whether you need to find a tiny screw that rolled under the multimedia sofa or just need a small torch to make your way in the dark, this thing should do the trick.


Each MBI Matchlight comes with eight tiny disposable flashlights, each one with the ability to run for up to eight hours apiece (so a single set gets you 64 hours total). You switch it on by pressing the flashlight tip on a hard surface similar to striking a match, with another press switching it off so you can still use the light for later. Since it’s disposable, the entire thing is sealed up, allowing them to make the flashlights waterproof and fully submersible, with a magnet on the base for conveniently snapping onto metallic surfaces. It comes in three light colors: white, red, and green.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for MBI Matchlights. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $32.

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  1. Thomas

    So basically you are paying $4 for 8 hours of light. Each matchstick is $4 and will provide up to 8 hours of lighting, but the batteries are not replaceable or rechargeable. It is a nifty idea, but not really feasible for my lifestyle. It will work, but not for my uses. Even as an emergency lighting source I can think of any reasons I would choose these over any other type of battery powered lighting. A rechargeable battery will be better for the environment. These are not very “green”, yet the demand for these is there. Why? I am speculating it is just because the product is so unique, new, and small. Anything big made small is often seen as cute. I would much rather have some sort of portable flashlight with easily replaceable batteries that are also rechargeable. This modern matchstick does not meet my needs or desires.


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