Meehan, A Utility Bag For Your Random Drink-Mixing Fix

You're not an alcoholic.  Instead, you just like fixing yourself a good drink any time you feel like it.  And you never know when that happens to be.  So you're always ready, you travel with this: the Meehan Utility Bag & Bar Rollup.

Created by Moore & Giles Inc., the stylish container features a variety of compartments that let you store your mixology stash in a neat and organized manner.  That way, you don't end up wasting time frantically turning your bag over, trying to find a measuring glass as you spontaneously feel an uncontrollable urge to fix yourself an Alabama Slamma.

The Meehan starts out life as a stylish but nondescript piece of luggage measuring 15 x 13 x 12 inches.  Open up the main compartment and you get six removable padded sections, allowing plenty of customization to how you keep those bottles, glasses, shakers and whatever gadget fancy modern alcoholics… ummm… mixologists happen to haul around.  Zippered front pocket has five elastic tool holders and an internal laminated zip pocket with mesh. There are two additional laminated pockets on the side -- perfect for keeping drink trays and wipes, in case you decide to throw an impromptu party while commuting in the train... on the way to work.

Bar rollup comes as a separate section which you can dump right in the main compartment, along with the bigger items in your haul.  The product page recommends using it for tools essential to your bar trade, especially those with sharp edges or ones needing more delicate care.

Granted, the Meehan Utility Bag & Bar Rollup is a tad expensive at $740.  But you're probably drunk half the time, anyway, so we doubt the price will bother you that much.


7 Responses

  1. Rhonda

    Getting the measures perfect is so important to making the perfect cocktail. And having the perfect measuring tools becomes important in such a case. Cutting a long story short, Meehan gets a big thumbs up from me.

  2. Tipsy

    Congratulations to all us alcoholics. We have an all new and cool term to categorize ourselves. Welcome US. Welcome the MIXOLOGISTS! And on this note, I laud the concept of this on-the-move bar manager. Would certainly have to be drunk dizzy though, spending $750 on this! Think of all the elusive scotch bottles. Just for the record, I am not drunk!

  3. Harold

    Do people really need such an expansive list of tools and tinkers just in order to pour themselves a good hard drink? I am into some serious experimentation with drinks, as bartending has been a fascinating little activity for me. Never ever has the craving for a Bloody Mary made me pray for a bagful of measuring glasses and mixers. Though I think professional bartenders might find a soul mate in the Meehan.

  4. Akira

    A really nice idea this one. Alcoholics have their own whimsical ways, and a completely loaded utility bag for impromptu bartending finds ample space to fit in the imaginations of such people. Meehan would not be found wanting of takers.

  5. Gavin Helms

    A personal experience haunts me till date. A plan gone wrong, a wallet lost, and I was left trying to amuse my friends by shaking miserly doses of scotch within empty McDonald cold drink glasses. Oh what a saving grace it would have been had something like Meehan been there with me!

  6. Honey

    For all we know, reputed bars might start bulk purchasing to endow their bartenders with an all in one solution to their bartending needs. A dedicated utility bag for the capricious drinkers and the professional drink makers, Meehan seems all set to make an impact a fresh and blooming product makes in the market.

  7. Pedro

    $740 would shake me out of the most severe of hangovers, any day of the week and any time of the day. Holy Lord, so much for a bagful of measures and mixers! Count me out.


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