Vintage Lines And A Minimalist Design Makes The Meijs Motorman One Beautiful Moped


Mopeds are great, bringing you all the convenience of a bicycle, with the not-having-to-pedal benefits of a motorcycle. The Meijs Motorman takes all those good things and pairs it with a minimalist design that’s equal parts clean, sporty, and good-looking.

Fashioned by Dutch designer Ronald Meijs, the motorized bike borrows style elements from vintage American board track racers, creating a ride that even snobby gearheads won’t be embarrassed to be seen riding around in. With classic motorcycle lines reminiscent of old Harleys, a beefy tube frame, a low-slung tank (which actually holds the batteries), an oversized headlight, and balloon tires, it’s a moped that will almost certainly transport you back in time. At least, in your head.


The Meijs Motorman comes in two models: one that can run at 16 mph and a faster one that can do up to 28 mph. Both are powered by a brushless direct-drive hub motor, paired with a 48-volt LiPo battery that can keep the bike running at up to 62 and 43 miles for the slower and faster models, respectively. Sure, the range doesn’t exactly make it a suitable replacement for a car or a motorcycle, but it should be plenty good for short commutes around the city. It’s also half the weight of traditional mopeds, tipping the scales at just 99 pounds.


Right below the handlebars sit a speedometer and a pair of buttons: one for the horn and another for the light. Other features include a steel and chromoly frame, 203mm hydraulic disc brakes, and a handcrafted leather saddle.

Available now, pricing for the Meijs Motorman starts at €4,750.

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3 Responses

  1. William

    This is such a sweet, and original product. It’s got a hefty price tag, but it definitely gets an “O” for originality. Never seen one of these driving around in the States before. It looks handcrafted which is really sweet. Can it be used for ‘off roading’ or on less well-structured streets? The tires are pretty thick, so it makes me think it’d hold up alright across other terrains besides the streets too. While they don’t indicate a sense of speed, it definitely gives the image of durability.

  2. amy

    these are so stylish! they look like something you’d see people driving around in somewhere like Paris. i love the craftsmanship and the colors are really nice too. how fast can one of these babies go? do they really work on gravel-terrain as shown in the pictures here?

  3. franny

    nice brakes on this, and love the handcrafted leather seats and materials! its really made with a lot of precision, and its obvious that anyone who drives this is of high prestige and integrity. id definitely consider this a more luxurious bicycle though, and would be hesitant to ‘over-use- it or take it onto rugged terrain. i’d hate to compromise the beauty of it!


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