Mewgaroo Hoodie: You Are Now A Human-Cat-Kangaroo Hybrid


If you’re the kind of person who will wear a hoodie with cat ears and paws, we reckon you’re the type of person who won’t mind wearing a hoodie with a pouch sized to hold a cat, too. And, yes, you’re definitely the kind of person who will love this Mewgaroo Hoodie, which gives you cat ears, cat paws, and a kangaroo pouch to carry your favorite feline friend.

Made by Japanese pet supply company Unihabitat, it’s a garment that makes you look like a cat-human-kangaroo hybrid with a baby kitty in tow. All you need to do is hop instead of walk and purr like a kitty to properly represent the part.


The Mewgaroo Hoodie is a hooded sweatshirt that’s equal parts novelty cat person garment, kitty costume, and cat carrier. It comes with large cat ears on the hood, printed cat paw cuffs with finger holes, and even large fur balls at the end of each of the extra-long drawstrings for your cat to play with. The pouch on the lower half of the hoodie is large enough to fit even bigger felines and small dogs, although you’ll probably want to keep it at reasonable heft, unless you want your shirt drooping low while you walk around.


Keeping a cat in a pouch is, of course, a guaranteed recipe for collecting tons of cat hair after a single afternoon. Don’t worry, though, since the pouch comes in two layers, with the section that comes in direct contact with the pet able to unsnap and detach for easy cleaning.

Available in Japan, the Mewgaroo Hoodie is priced at ¥7,000.

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6 Responses

  1. Maddie

    This is so cute! I need this for my puppy. I would love to carry her around the house with this, it looks so cozy. Love!!

  2. LilyJane

    Crazy idea, but it works 😀 bet the pets love these hoodies the most!

  3. William

    I don’t know, I’ve got a pretty fat cat–real life garfield. This is pretty neat, and I could see a lot of people trying to use it for their small dogs too! We get pretty cold winters here on the East Coast, so this could definitely be a popular trend–and you’d be surprised how many people who would be willing to walk around outside or into the stores with them too. It’s cute, and I like the strings idea for entertaining the cat while inside–now you just have to find an animal patient and loving enough to hangout in one without getting irritated and trying to ‘break out’.

  4. kirsten

    i love this! id definitely put my ham-hams in these. they love soft and narrow spaces to hide while they can still be close to me and this looks perfect for that! i like the material, it looks soft and warn, and the designs are so cute! the paws and ears were such a good touch! does it come with a tail too? 🙂

  5. Manny

    do you think they have some of these out for the animals themselves too? id love to get one of my kitties or my pup a sweet looking hoody like this! the next thing you know, people are going to be looking for these types of shirts/sweaters to carry their kids around in haha.

  6. Caracal

    Does anyone know when the Mewgaroo hoodies will be available in the U.S.? I’ve only found them online with at least a two month wait and priced at double or more than what the exchange rate is. Thank you.


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