Use Miito To Heat The Exact Amount Of Water That You Need


Whether you’re heating water for a cup of ramen noodles, instant coffee, or afternoon tea, chances are, you do it using a water kettle. That’s how it was always done when I was young and that’s how we do it in my household now. Except, as it turns out, big kettles tend to be wasteful, since you’re usually boiling more water than you’ll actually use. Miito wants to change that.

Rather than heat water in a kettle, the device can heat water in any smaller container, like your Bucardo Mug, your Bubble Wrap Glass, and your soup bowl. That way, you can heat just the right amount of water you need for any beverage or food. Heck, you can even do it in the exact vessel you’re consuming it from, cutting down on the amount of things you’ll need to clean up later.


Miito consists of a disc-shaped base where you place the vessel containing the water and a rod that you place inside the vessel. To use, simply press the lone button available on the base to put it in standby mode, at which point it will wait to detect when you want it to begin heating. From there, you simply place the cup, bowl, or glass on top of the base, then drop the rod inside it – the device will detect when the rig is in place and automatically begin the heating process. It can bring a cup of milk or soup to boil in as little as two minutes.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund Miito. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €90.

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5 Responses

  1. Maddie

    That’s perfect! What a great tool, I could get a ton of use out of it. Fantastic!

  2. William

    I think this is pretty cool and unique, but I don’t think it’s worth nearly $100. That seems a bit excessive to say the least. The idea is kinda original I guess. But at the same time, you could just more responsibly measure out how much water you really need to boil, by using measuring cups, or when possible, by filling the intended cup or bowl first, and then pouring that water into something else to be heated. Besides, for a lot of people, water is free, at least cold water. The rod also looks and sounds dangerous. In defense of the project, it does look well built at least–and I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this before.

  3. Karen

    My kids love ramen noodles. I dont think the price is too bad for this since it can be used by the older kids. I am thinking it’s probably as safe as boiling and handling water to and from the microwave – maybe safer since there is less moving around. I’m just wondering how sanitary and durable that wand is, especially with it being heated up all the time. It’s interesting tech, I wish I could try one.

  4. Amy

    Good points Karen! Do you think that the extreme-heat of itself then sanitizes the device? I agree with you that it’d be ‘safer’ for older kids to use too, but still seems a little less promising considering how easy it could be even for an adult to grab the hot-end or mishandle this. I like how the device recognizes when the rod is dropped into it though. I’m assuming that it won’t start heating before this occurs, so I guess in of itself this is a ‘security-mechanism- so to speak. Pretty environmentally smart that it doesn’t let you ‘waste’ as much water anymore. Not enough people are educated on the environment, how to preserve it, and how to be responsible and grateful for what you do have-just think of all of the countries that can’t afford water for its people, let alone sanitized foods and eating tools, etc.

  5. frank

    so you could technically even use this for heating up your coffee or hot chocolate? very nice! the price isn’t too bad, and this definitely comes off as a technology that I’ve never witnessed before. is the warranty good with this though? because I’m a little concerned about the lack of flexibility in the rod-technology and other wear and tear. definitely interested!


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