Millyard Viper V10: A New 500hp Death Trap

How do you want to die today?  The slogan "Live Fast, Die Young" has never been more appropriate than for anyone who dares take the road with the Millyard Viper V10, a beastly motorcycle drawing its power from a 500hp car engine.

That's right, someone actually had the audacity to outfit a two-wheeler with an eight-liter V10 Viper engine.  As in, one which came from a full-fledged Dodge Viper.  Death wish?  Probably.  Insanity?  Most likely.  Make sure to check out the video below where the rider stays on a straight path without making a single turn.  Yep, that's probably how you should use this thing.  Or if you're going to turn, do it very, very slowly.

Created by Allen Millyard, the Frankensteined (not a real word) Viper V10 features one of the longest wheelbases I've seen in a motorcycle (there are ten giant cylinders, after all).  It's supposedly street-legal (with the '09 plate to prove it) and is bare basics in true "muscle bike" fashion, packing no special suspension or unconventional design (like a couple other monster bikes before it).

If I was 70 years old and terminally ill, I want a rocket like that on my crotch as my farewell to the world.  Otherwise, you'll have to put a gun to my head to get me anywhere near that thing.  That's a stable of angry horses in a lightweight machine - not the smartest idea known to man.

According to the owner, the Millyard Viper V10 motorcycle might be up for sale soon.  Brilliant man, cash out while you're still breathing.  It's an awesome machine, but let's be honest: it's something awesome and a friggin' death trap all rolled into one.

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  1. Joe

    Whoa that’s a huge engine! The engine makes the bike pretty long as well. I don’t get why anyone would need that kind of power on a bike!

  2. Ted

    That’s totally crazy! As said, it really is a death trap. The bike could even fall apart! lol

  3. Allen Millyard

    The Millyard Viper bike passed the UK 2009 Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval test with a 100% pass, the brakes scored one of the highest readings on the rolling road and the DVLA issued me a 2009 plate and new vehicle status. The chassis is over engineered and probably 5 times stronger that is actually required. I am currently testing its performance with the Motor Cycle News and have taken it to over 160 mpg and 60 to 130mph took 7 sec’s at only half throttle. The bike goes round corners very well and I have worn the tyres right up to the edge. I have covered 400 road miles so far in all traffic condition and will be out on the bike again this week end. The tank has a range of 200 miles at legal road speeds.

    • John Ross

      Absolutely beautiful, Allen. I have admired your work from afar for years. Just found this and your 207 mph video tonight.

      I built a non-chopper Chevy V8 bike in 1992 that was similar in layout to your Viper and was about to upgrade the high-gear-only setup with a 2-speed automatic in 1999 when I had a stroke and my wife cashed out. I don’t ride anymore, my right leg doesn’t work quite well enough for the kind of high-hp bikes I liked.

      Can you tell me about what links the Viper engine to the rear wheel on your bike?

      John Ross–Missouri, U.S.A.

  4. Alex

    Saw this at work today, am still speechless! Saw it a few times and it always had people around. is a fascinating piece of engineering and great fun if you ask me! 🙂 What is next?

  5. Jake318

    ive seen boss hosses countless times so this consept isnt new to me but , What REALLY impressed me is the craftmanship of the build itself !!! the welds piece fitting ect are flawless . the build er has somethinf to be very proud of . thanks Jake


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