This Mini-Monster Truck Will Crush Lawns, Gardens, And Lemonade Stands With Ease


Kiddie cars are getting more ridiculous than ever. From tricked-out kiddie cars to mini-exotics to drift-optimized Crazy Carts, there’s never been a more fun time to be a kid who loves getting behind the wheel. Nothing we’ve seen, though, has ever been more ridiculous than this Mini-Monster Truck that your kids can use to run over every single one of the kiddie cars parked in their mini-garage.

Standing at around half the size of real monster trucks, it’s quite possibly the largest kiddie car you’ll ever find. Have your kid climb in, start the engine (yes, it has a real engine), and watch as every single manicured lawn, well-trimmed garden, and yard decoration in the entire block get run over as the truck carves a path of absolute destruction.


The Mini-Monster Truck measures 10.75 x 8 x 7.5 feet (l x w x h) and weighs a whopping 4,500 pounds. It’s built around a four-cylinder Ford engine that can deliver top speeds of up to 25 mph, with a robust steel chassis that can survive flips, crashes, and the hardest bumps your terrain of choice can deliver. Features include a two-speed transmission, four-wheel drive, hydraulic steering, nitrogen-powered shock absorbers, and tires that measure 3.5 feet in diameter. It even comes with LED lights for night driving, onboard speakers for rocking out, integrated GoPro for recording the carnage, and even a nitrous oxide system for giving the truck a boost when performing jumps.

Granted, this Mini-Monster Truck isn’t the kind of ride a kid in the suburb is likely to get for Christmas. Instead, this is more like the kind of extravagant toy a kid living in a giant mansion with an equally gigantic backyard will receive for no reason other than his parents are loaded as heck, especially when you take into account the fact that it costs a whopping $125,000.

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  1. flyboy

    this is so sweet! I used to always go to monster-jam shows as a little kid, and its always lot of fun to watch them crush cars, etc. thats crazy that they have these for little guys now. imagine driving one of these bad boys around the park or down at the beach wow! the price is pretty steep, but it looks incredible well built, and relatively safe–considering. i think id be more concerned about repair-costs though, look at the hydraulic system on this. thats crazy that its nearly 5000lbs, makes me a little nervous should it ever roll over on the driver–definitely a little dangerous but looks like loads of fun! its too bad they don’t make the seat and housing a little bigger so ‘big kids’ can have fun in these too out in the back yard or go on adventures 😉

  2. Max

    well you know if it’s built by Ford, then it’s ‘built ford tough’ 😉
    but seriously, it looks like a TON of fun and want to know where this kind of thing was when i was a kid. it’s really cool that they threw in the onboard GoPro technology with this vehicle, it shows some ‘love’ from the manufacturer–though i can’t identify where exactly it’s installed on the interior windshield from the pictures. thats crazy, and sounds a little dangerous, that you can get an NO boost out of this thing!

  3. Kelly

    I had to click on this just because of two things. 1, it is really cute and unique, and 2, I wanted to see how much a mini monster truck would cost. Let’s just say my guess was way off. The price in my head wouldn’t even cover our state’s six percent sales tax on that item. I wonder how cheap you could get one of these if they took all the gadgets off of it and just offered the mini truck – no accessories.


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