A Morse Code Signal Lamp For Your Battleship-Themed Home

Got a living room decorated like a British Royal Navy battleship circa 1897?  Yeah, well, me too.  And about half the houses in my neighborhood.   Well, this Morse Code Signal Lamp should bring an even more authentic feel to our individual abodes.

In case you really have a living room styled like a navy ship (yes, I was just fibbing), this lighting furniture should fit perfectly right in.  Faithfully recreating the lamp they used for discreet communication between fleets, it comes complete with seven shutters that you open and close to send your signals.  Of course, you can use it to just light up the room, too, which is probably what you'll actually be doing.

The Morse Code Signal Lamp has a 13.5-inch aluminum head that can spin a full 360-degrees, mounted atop a solid aluminum cast bracket with two brass knobs for tilting  (up to 45-degrees).  A polished aluminum tripod with three brass feet holds the ensemble up, which stands at an imposing 6.4 feet.

A brass handle controls the angle of opening for the louvres, letting you shine a full beam (like they used to do for silently trading maritime intelligence) or slightly filtered lighting.   The original carbon arc lamp has been passed on, though, in place of a more sensible 100-watt light bulb.

In all seriousness, we're not sure how this Morse Code Signal Lamp will mesh with your décor (You don't really expect us to believe you have a late 1800s British Royal Navy theme, right?  Right?).  It looks mighty awesome, though.  If you can imagine it finding a place in your pad, you can get it now for $1,300.

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4 Responses

  1. Abel

    Might just have worked to the favour of the makers had they made a miniature version in order to bring back the memories of the voyages of the sea for all the retired sailors who are active enough to be checking out cool stuff on the internet. I wonder whether they would be drawn in to the prospect of shelling out a pocket load of money for a Morse Signal Lamp. As a matter of fact, the only signalling this could do would be to the girl on the other side of the colony.

  2. Calli

    I can only wonder as to who would buy this expensive piece of lighting equipment (and it might not even qualify as a lighting equipment at all). Signalling through Morse Codes is something they talk about while explaining the history of communication to college students. Maybe some educational institutes would find it worthwhile investing in this to get the students closer to the history of communication.

  3. Allen

    A house styled in a late 1800s British Royal Navy theme is not quite the manner in which I would describe mine, but I guess this is not a necessary condition to be purchasing something as retro and glorious as this Morse Code Signal Lamp. The imposing frame and the intimidating lamp make a lethal combination, one that would add loads of mystique to any home decor. Having it at the corner of the show-off room in your house would be nothing short of making a statement. The intrigue of the Navy of the olden times can be brought right into the living room with this Morse Code Signal Lamp. I’ll go a bit poetic here; I would love to imagine myself on the deck of a ship, with the light from this lamp illuminating my room at night. Alas, just if they had stuck to the pricing charts of those great times of the old.

  4. Lomes

    Tell you what, be prepare to hire a small boat or something you could carry this thing on, get a bandana, get a tattoo, clear your throat, and use this Morse Code Generator to pull off some sort of a loot on some gold carrying ship in order to be able to pay for this thing. $1300 for something that you might not even be able to use, tell me if you hear of anything quite as strange as that. It might be cool having a Morse Code Signal Lamp lighting up your living room, but I guess that would be a possibility for the elite ones only.


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