You Can Hit The Road At 16 Mph On The Moto Pogo Unicycle


We’re big fans of the Ryno Microcycle, with its compact size, aggressive styling, and ability to carry a decent load of cargo, but it’s also quite pricey for a short-distance transport device. If you find the sticker price a little too restrictive but still would like a motorized unicycle, the Moto Pogo might offer a more affordable alternative.

Similar to Ryno’s flagship, the new unicycle features a single wheel design, with built-in handlebars, footpads, and a saddle directly above the wheel. While not quite as aggressive in styling, it does have its charms, with its large wheel making the whole thing look a lot less goofy than the kind of unicycles circus clowns would ride.


The Moto Pogo is powered by a 500-watt brushless hub motor, allowing it to run at speeds of up to 16 mph and climb inclines up to 25 degrees. A 60-volt battery supplies the needed juice, allowing it to travel distances of up to 18 miles. The entire powertrain is housed inside the 17-inch vacuum wheel, so they’re completely shielded from the elements, ensuring dirt, water, and dust won’t bog it down in the middle of a ride. Despite running on a single wheel, it can support riders up to 330 pounds, all while weighing just 60 pounds itself.


During riding, internal gyroscopes will keep the vehicle balanced without any extra effort, with steering accomplished by simply leaning into your desired direction.   Other features include a die-cast aluminum frame, soft hand grips on the handlebars, front and rear LED lights, and automatic brakes.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Moto Pogo. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $2,200.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Coleman

    This reminds me of the Ninebot except it has a seat on it. Recently there seems to be a lot of innovative transportation based on using just one wheel. These are nice and you don’t have to worry about anyone asking for a ride. (sorry) I would love to ride this as it seems like it balances easily with that wide wheel. Just put a basket on the front and I would be ready!

  2. arnold

    wow that’s pretty fast, but it looks hard to ride! 500 watts is a good deal, but going over 10MPH on this thing looks scary. you have to have really good balance, practice, and obviously some safety gear. i could totally see them renting these out for tourists in big cities like new york or Philadelphia. the LED lights and all of the other safety mechanisms, including the breaks, shows that it’s definitely meant to be a safe, responsible ride. the price isn’t too bad either, considering how mobile and powerful this thing is. definitely could save a lot of space and spare the environment (along with the economy) if we all started commuting around in one of these babies haha!


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