Deep-Learning AI Allows The Musio Robot To Hold Natural-Sounding Conversations


When the Furby was first released in the 90s, it was supposed to serve as a rudimentary robotic buddy. Except, of course, it really wasn’t. Simply put, technology just wasn’t at a point where it was possible at the time. Now is a different time and the promise of a robot sidekick might finally be realized with Musio.

Created by machine learning and natural language processing outfit AKA, it’s a robot designed to hold its end in conversation. And, no, it won’t just spout pre-programmed lines, either, as it’s a deep-learning machine, enabling it to hold natural conversation that only gets better over time when it accumulates more knowledge about you and your lifestyle.


Musio will come in three flavors: Simple, Smart, and Genius. Simple is a purely conversational robot, while Smart adds an ability to communicate with other connected devices in the vicinity, allowing it to serve as a control hub for your internet of things. Genius has the same functionality as Smart, but does it with beefier hardware, enabling to do its job at a faster pace. It comes with an accessory called Sophy, which serves as a pointing device for directing Musio’s attention (e.g. if you want it to communicate with the Nest Thermostat for the first time, you point Sophy towards the device).

Tinkerers and developers can further expand the robot’s functionality using add-on packs, such as Arduino-compatible boards, sensor arrays, and smart home interfaces. It’s also completely programmable, allowing you to turn it into a whole lot more useful sidekick around the house.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Musio. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $99.

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  1. Britanica

    How cute and cool! I like seeing things like this because it encourages learning in children in a fun and new way. I had a furby when I was a kid and I would have much rather had one of these little guys! I am shocked I haven’t heard of them. Great post I will look into getting one myself 😀

  2. Karen

    I would love to have a robot buddy like this. What I love about it is the ability to get to know me. At first I thought it was something like the artificial intelligence scripts /Question and Answer type conversations that are preprogrammed and limited.

    Then as I learned more about it, I see that it will absorb information about me and be a good friend.

    I wonder if I could trust him with my pin numbers and atm cards – would he get on ebay and buy me some of my favorite perfumes and designer bags?

    Well that isnt exactly me, but you get what I’m saying, I can imagine him calling dominos and ordering us a pizza. lol

  3. amy

    Musio is such an awesome device! I did further research on it, and am super impressed. I love the comparison to Siri. Makes it seem not so ‘smart’ after all–or at least not nearly as personable. I like how the prices are reflected at 30-60% off if you invest in the kick-stater program. Very cool! Not only would this be a cool companion for kids (think Basic model), but at the Genius level, it looks like it would be a lot of fun and serve as a sort of personal assistant too. I’ve always wanted and research every year or so personal computer desk-assistants and the likes, and it’s pretty rare and infrequent to find any. Especially one’s that are this smart! I remember I had a toy when I was younger called e-brain. This sort of seems comparable, but the Musio is of course much more advanced, and the shape and style of it is really cute and appealing too.

  4. anna

    this is so cute, my kids would love this! i really like how interaction it is, i think its so cool. i see they have open-DEV options for buying this too, dependent upon which model which i think is sweet too. that shows me that with an open market, its probable that you’ll be able to customize your Musio, be able to make it do different things, and continue to upgrade it’s technology (intelligence). very sweet!

  5. stacy

    while this is no Tamogochi, it’s definitely a much more impressive technology and would be awesome for read-along and learning apps for the kids. can it play music and read books, etc. as well? id love to have those features, plus a webcam or observing/recording device to soothe and monitor the baby or kids.


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