Naked 3D Updates The Weighing Scale Into A Powerful Fitness Tool


At first glance, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker looks nothing more than a regular weighing scale and standing mirror combo. You know, the kind you’ll probably see in the bathrooms and bedrooms of folks who regularly monitor their weight, while checking out their physiques in the mirror. And while it does function in that end, the combo actually does a whole lot more.

Described as a “body scanner,” both the scale and the mirror actually house tech that allows them to take a detailed profile of your body. The idea is to do the scan on a daily basis, giving the system a day-to-day record of your physique, so you can easily check how well all those Crossfit classes are paying off or whether that low-carb diet is really helping cut down your body fat percentage.


To use the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, you start by stepping on the scale, which then rotates slowly to allow the mirror to get a 360-degree snapshot of your body. That simple process allows the system to record your weight, body fat percentage, and detailed body measurements, so you can get precise readings regarding your physique over time. Doing this gives you an easy way to check whether you’ve gained extra muscle mass around your hamstrings, lost belly fat, or improved your weight over any time period.


The system uses Intel’s RealSense technology for performing the measurements, all of which are forwarded to an accompanying app (iOS and Android), where you can check all your stats. Do note, the mirror needs to be plugged in to a power outlet, while the scale charges wirelessly from the mirror’s base.

Slated to ship next year, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is priced at $999.

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  1. Penny

    There are so many ways to track your health these days, it’s really interesting. I’m a huge fan of the Fitbit and have also tried a number of mobile applications to keep track of things such as my daily water intake, sleep, weight, and daily meals. I really like the idea of a body tracker that actual takes a physical look at your body and helps you keep tabs on exactly what type of progress you’re making. This would be really helpful when it comes to toning your body up and hitting your goals for specific areas. As I mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of applications. I like that there is an app included and that the scale can charge wirelessly.

    • Gregory

      I too use a fitbit and love tracking my stats. My problem with the FitBit though is the band makes my arm sweat too much.

      This is A Selfie station for people with nice bodies! Lol. I actually really like this. Traditional scales are generally pretty ugly to look at. You have a really nice decor going on and it is destroyed by something ugly like a generic scale, so it is nice to have access to a stylish scale that is also relevant to your lifestyle.

      What is best about smart scales like this one is it can automatically track your weight over time. You simple stand on it and it will update the app on your smart phone and then you can see trends with your weight. The mirror is great motivation to keep your body in shape or to see how close (or far) you are from your goals. What is coolest about this though is that unlike a regular smart scale, this one scans your full body and tracks the stats. Weight it not always the priority when it comes to fitness. For example a bodybuilder might be gaining massive amounts of weight, but it is all muscle. The Naked 3D tools allow you to truly track your fitness levels beyond merely your weight.

  2. Amy

    I enjoy when everyday items turn out to be far more than we could imagine. If I walked into someone’s house and saw this, my only question would be, why the large stabilizing piece on the bottom? I would never in a MILLION years even dream of thinking this could be so much more than just a mirror. The fact that this thing can monitor your body on such a detailed level is astounding. While knowing weight can be important, I personally find body measurements to be the best form of motivation. Muscle weighs more than fat and with weight gain unavoidable as a new exerciser, the scale is the last thing I want to focus on. I’m glad the 3D fitness tracker incorporates multiple aspects of fitness into the calculations.


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