Nature Sabre Turns Sticks And Branches Into Swords With Guards


Sticks and branches have long made for the best makeshift swords for kids. They’re free, they’re relatively harmless, and, with some imagination, swinging one can feel like you’re wielding a real, bladed weapon. The Nature Sabre makes it even better, letting kids reinforce their stick swords with rubber finger guards.

Designed by Naama Agassi for Monkey Business, the simple addition really does a lot to make erstwhile humble branches look more like proper swords. Plus, they look like they can offer extra protection for children’s little fingers, too, taking some of the blow whenever their dueling partner inadvertently swings the (imaginary) blade onto their knuckles.


To use, simply slide the Nature Sabre onto one end of the branch or stick that will serve as the imaginary sword of choice, compress it a little to make a D-shape, and you’re done. Aside from turning branches and sticks into swords, there are probably a bunch of things around the house that this toy will fit into, so kids can put a finger guard on their spoons, toothbrushes, and pencils for whatever amusement it can deliver. Plus, you can probably add a finger guard to the spatula, so you can feel like a swashbuckling pirate every time you cook dinner in the kitchen.


It measures 8 x 21.5 x 0.4cm, with bendy silicone construction. Three colors are available: red, blue, and gray.

Available now, the Nature-Saber is priced at $11.

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2 Responses

  1. Ben Hoskins

    Sticks and branches may as well be swords. Lord knows I’ve poked my eyes on enough of them. How long before these are recalled? I can’t stop laughing at these toy swords, seriously. Now, if they would throw in some lead spraypaint, these would be to die for! I admit, kids do love to play with sticks. I’ll wait for the fishing pole version. My cousin Tony tied a piece of string and caught a fish with it, these kids could too!

  2. Barry J.

    My kids do things like this ALL of the time! What a cool idea for them to really feel like they have a sword 🙂


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