Nest Cam Revealed, With 1080p Video And Slightly Smaller Footprint


When Nest bought Dropcam last year, people wondered when a rebranded version of the latter’s camera will come out. Apparently, that time is now, with the announcement of the Nest Cam, the linear descendant of the Dropcam Pro.

Yes, it looks very much like its predecessor, albeit with a smaller footprint and a more mobile stand. It functions, pretty much, the same way, too, allowing you to remotely watch and hear what’s going on in your home via an accompanying app (iOS and Android).


Of course, there are improvements. Nest Cam boasts 1080p video (an upgrade over the Dropcam’s 720p), with a 130-degree field of view and integrated night vision, allowing you to film better captures of your home at any time. It has an integrated mic so you can listen in, as well as a speaker, so you can talk to the people in the house directly through the app. Using the mic and a built-in motion sensor, it can also detect unexpected movements and noises, to which you’ll immediately be alerted.


Lastly, it brings a new backend system called Nest Aware, which can save up to 30 days of video history that you can access at any time. The system retains what made the Dropcam system so good, with features such as face detection, depth sensing, and activity zones, all while adding new features to the mix.

Basically, the Nest Cam is a slightly-improved Dropcam Pro, but with better integration if you’re already invested in Nest’s ecosystem via their thermostat and smoke alarm. It’s available now, priced at $199.

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly

    I was wondering where the thirty days of video footage was going to be stored and also wanted to know if that is 30 days 24/7 – I didnt get the second question answered – I watched the nest cam video and it says with a subscription, you can save the older footage.

    I would hope there is a way to backup the footage to your own storage drive and not have to buy a subscription. But, not knowing how much the nest cam subscription is, I may change my mind.

  2. Max

    The night-vision and field of view on this product are very impressive. I like how much video it can save. So is this internal or external memory–or both? That’s crazy that they also have thermostat and smoke detector features on their field of products. This is very convenient, and I like the ability to control home security and other monitoring or protection services from afar. I see it works with Droid, but is it Apple-friendly too? For $200 I definitely think this is worth it, considering for that amount of money 3-5 years ago you would have gotten some mediocre-made product with tons of bugs, that died a month or two later. Because you can see and hear what’s going on, does that mean you can communicate towards the device as well, or only receive video-audio? The fact that it has depth-zones and field features shows that this was built with security in mind. Nice!


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