These New Normal Headphones Are Designed To Fit Your Ears Perfectly


It looks more like an extra-long wristband than a pair of headphones, but pumping music into your ears is exactly what the New Normal Headphones are designed to do. Even better, it will do that while promising a custom fit that you won’t quite get from similarly-priced music gear.

To ensure an immaculate fit and fully-sealed ears, the headphones comes with a selection of 30 different sizes of earbuds (they call them “dots”) that the outfit developed from taking precise measurements of thousands of ears. You can choose which size you want during ordering, with the option to trade in for new dots for free if the seal doesn’t quite fit right. Aside from the dots, it comes with arms that wear over the ears, allowing for a more precise five-axis adjustment and a more secure hold.


The New Normal Headphones come in two versions: Suit and Sweat, both of them sporting the same design, which puts the earbuds at each end of a long band, allowing you to fold the whole thing and tuck them inside a pocket. With Suit, the band is cut in hand-stitched Napa leather, while Sweat uses a more exercise-friendly sweat-resistant silicone. Both editions pair wirelessly with your music source over Bluetooth, with an integrated battery that can keep it running for eight hours in a single charge. Features include anodized aluminum components, an integrated mic for hands-free calls, and capacitive touch controls on the right side of the headphones.


Now available for preorder, the New Normal Headphones is priced at $99 for the Sweat and $149 for the Suit.

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  1. Clint

    I hope the designers of this are better than the New Normal Headphones website. It is April 24th and they are advertising $50 off using a March code. Only good for 4 hours it says but it has been there for well over a month.

    Regardless of the dumb promotion, the New Normal Headphones look great. I like how the New Normal Headphones can be custom fitted to your head. I love Apple but HATE their earbuds. I wish all ear buds could be worn and adjusted like the New Normal Headphones are.

    The best feature is the Male USB plugin. You can charge these headphones directly without needing to use a cord!

    The Suit Edition comes with a leather band, and it looks great. A lot of leather accessories are cheapened and look like the dog collar section at Kmart, so I am glad they used a high-end leather and designed it to look good.

    The Sweat Edition would be more appropriate for my lifestyle, but I really like the leather band that comes with the Suit Edition.

    The New Normal Headphones is a huge step-up for peope who use regular earbuds, but the New Normal Headphones is a good product that is worth the cost. Many high end earbuds are simply not worth the cost, but New Normal has made these a truly innovative product.


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