NexDock Turns Phones And Tablets Into Functional Laptops


Despite its creators billing it as the "world’s most affordable laptop," the NexDock isn’t actually a notebook computer. Instead, it’s more like a dummy terminal, clad in a laptop form factor, so you can slip it in the laptop pouch of your backpack for easily bringing on the road.

Just like an actual laptop, it’s made up of two hinged sections – one holding a display and the other holding the keyboard and trackpad. Unlike actual laptops, though, you can’t just turn it on and boot into a desktop OS, since it has no actual processing hardware inside. Instead, it needs to be hooked up to a smartphone, tablet, or external computing board in order to function as a portable computer.


A true dummy terminal, NexDock isn’t limited to working with just a single platform. Instead, you can hook it up to, pretty much, any available platform. Got a Lumia 950 (or a similar Windows 10 device)? Plug it in and enjoy Windows’ Continuum feature. Plug in an iOS or Android device to see the erstwhile mobile UI in a large screen, complete with a keyboard and a trackpad for better productivity. Heck, you can plug in your laptop to use it as a second screen, a Raspberry Pi to do some work on a Linux environment, and even a PC stick for full Windows desktop function.


Features include a 14.1-inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution, Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad, built-in dual speakers, a 10,000 mAh battery, a microSD card slot, and two USB ports.  It hooks up to external computing devices via a mini-HDMI port.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for NexDock. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $119.

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  1. Melissa

    We already use our phones for just about anything, so I’m really not surprised someone finally decided to take advantage of that fact and create this type of ‘laptop’. I’ve gotta say, 119 bucks is nothing compared to the price of a laptop. I’ve actually been on the market for a new computer for some time now and it’s been difficult to select anything. Even if this doesn’t have all the features I thought I needed, I have a pretty nice phone so my plan is to grab me one of these before anything else. You just can’t go wrong at that price. Worst case scenario, I can give this one to my daughter if it just doesn’t measure up.

  2. Pete

    I can see a market for this product because it is one I would use. With that being said, all of the new products like this one that morph your table into a laptop style computer remind me of the mini computer netbook phase of the early ‘00s. All of these netbooks were marketed as the future, but they were all severely underpowered and the market collapsed as consumers were tired of buying underpowered crap. A good iPad or Android table is much more powerful than the crappy netbooks, but foresee that some people may buy a table with a dock to turn it into a laptop and then be disappointed with performance. It would work well for me when I blog, as I would rather use a traditional keyboard, but others may be disappointed because they will soon realize that this is not a laptop replacement.

    This tablet dock is well-worth the money depending on your intended use, but if you expect your table to operate as well as a high-end laptop does then you will be disappointed. The keyboard looks almost identical to my MacBook keyboard, but I guarantee you the touchpad on this won’t be near as good as a MacBook touchpad. Nothing even comes close to the ease of use and reliability of an Apple touchpad.

    The coolest thing about this is you can attach Raspberry Pi to it!


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