Immortalize Your Most Epic Hikes With The Nice Trails 3D-Printed Mountains


There are now ways to track the path of an epic hike (everything from smartphones to GPS watches can do it) and print a map of it, allowing you to immortalize a memorable adventure in something you can frame and display around the house.   Nice Trails’ 3D Printed Mountains do things one better by giving you a 3D-printed trophy of any terrain with the path you conquered marked on it that you can proudly display on a shelf or mantle.

Whether you want to immortalize a month-long hike, a cross-country bicycle tour, or a treasure hunt that had you scouring the backwoods to find absolutely nothing, this thing lets you do it with a memento that’s bound to spark plenty of conversations. And, to top things off, it’s quite the looker, so it shouldn’t look out of place even in the most well-decorated interiors.


The Nice Trails 3D Printed Mountains are made using GPS data from your devices, which you simply upload to the website via a GPX file. They use data from that to decide which slice of the planet to craft into a model, along with the path you’ve taken during that particular adventure. Two map styles are available, satellite and winterland, with the latter being ideal for skiiers, snowboarders, and those who hike during winter months. Each one is made in 3D-printed sandstone, with a color finish similar to printer ink, so they recommend keeping away from water to ensure the color doesn’t fade.


Available in three sizes, the Nice Trails 3D Printed Mountains are priced starting at €49.


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  1. Bart

    This is a very unique idea for a gift. I like the Nice Trails 3D-Printed Mountains. The problem I would run into is I would sit at my desk staring at my last long through hike and fantasize about doing it again and never get my work done. Lol.

    The largest size is $167, but if you’re going to get one then you might as well get the biggest one they have available. Its nice that you can choose between the satellite style or the winterland style. I did my hike in the summer, but I’d still pick the winterland style because it looks even better.

    They are made in Sandstone. I am not sure how durable it will be, especially if you own a cat that likes to scratch and paw.


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