Noria Shrinks Down The Window-Type Air Conditioner To A Compact Size


Window-type air conditioners offer a good fit for many residential homes. Problem is, they take up a good chunk of window space, apart from being heavy and awkwardly-sized.  That’s the problem the Noria Air Conditioner wants to address.

Measuring just 5.8 x 18.25 x 5 inches (h x w x d) and weighing 30 pounds, it looks more like a single-burner stove than an air conditioner, making it just as convenient to install or move from one room to another. At less than six inches in height, it takes up very little window space, too, ensuring you still get plenty of use for that window, whether to let sunlight through or enjoy a good view of the street outside.


The Noria Air Conditioner uses a highly-engineered, patent-pending design that allows it to fit the cooling hardware into such a compact form factor. As such, it can only mount horizontally, as vertical placement is likely to compromise its operation. A single unit can cool rooms up to 160 square feet, with two units able to handle spaces up to 330 square feet. A single knob on the front allows you to control the operation, with an accompanying app allowing you to make adjustments remotely.


It comes with a window frame adapter sized for openings 21 inches wide, although a retractable facility allows it to expand to accommodate up to 36-inch openings. Features include ceiling-directed airflow to ensure even cooling of the room, an integrated thermostat to prevent overcooling, and a fresh air mode that turns off the compressor to circulate fresh air into the room.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Noria Air Conditioner. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $299.

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10 Responses

  1. Brian

    The aesthetics of this window air-conditioner looks very good. All window air-conditioner units tend to look the same with their block,dreary design, oversized, and heavy to maneuver when you are installing it or removing it for the winter. The Noria Air Conditioner is going to look good regardless of your home decor, weighs only 30 pounds, and comes with a built-in carry handle.

    Bluetooth connectivity allows you to not only control the Noria Air Conditioner, but to also set-up scheduling for when you want it to start running and turn off. There is no need to have it run all day when you are at work (unless you have a cat), but it does suck when your home is hot when you get back or the day. The Noria Air Conditioner solves these problems. This air-conditioner is a definite improvement both in aesthetics, as well as functionality. The KickStarter is more than halfway towards their goal with 42 days left. I am sure they will succeed with this one.

  2. Albert Ng

    This design seems only fix the top-down sliding window design. What about those right-left sliding window design?

  3. Dawn Fink

    My friend wants to purchase the new Noria window air conditioner, but she has no computer and I am trying to find a phone number for her to call so she can purchase one. Can anyone tell me what the phone number is.

  4. Wifly

    I would like to know how cold can this specified room get? I would like to get one for my room but with the size and weight, it looks like it is just a glorified fan.

  5. mike

    whats the phone number for noria smart air corditioners I want to buy one very soon

  6. Rocky

    Can it be mounted vertically?…my window is only 13 inch wide.

  7. marisol

    I would love to purchase I need a contact number I could call to buy one …thank u


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