This Not-a-Cat Cat Stuffed Doll Is Not A Cat… Or Is It?


Like many stuffed dolls, the Not-a-Cat Cat is designed to look like a fluffy kitty. It has a fluffy kitty body, a cat ear, and even a kitty tail. Except, that’s all it has, so it’s, like, half a cat. Or an existential riddle of some sort.

Made by VAT 19, it’s a stuffed doll that resembles a cat when you first see it, but is really just a fluffy pillow that looks like a cat at certain angles. Why must it exist? We’re not really sure, but you have to admit, a weird stuffed doll of a cat that’s not really a cat is just the kind of thing that can make little kids laugh with joy.


The Not-a-Cat Cat has lush, long fur, with one end of the body that looks like a curled tail and a single ear near the opposite end. It’s covered by the same faux cat fur from end to end, with a shape that’s cat-like but still absolutely ambiguous. To ensure it retains the ambiguous shape, it ditches traditional poly-fill stuffing in favor of foam beads, with no paws, face, or even whiskers to make it more of a cat than it has to be.  Because it's not a cat.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Not-a-Cat Cat. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $20.

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2 Responses

  1. William

    This is really cute and looks soft. I like the price too. I’ve seen these before, and they’re kind of freaky. But I actually think that’s because the one’s I’ve seen, are just too real looking like having paws, or ears, etc. This one looks a lot softer and harmless, less intimidating in my opinion. I also think it’s cool that it’s a pillow, and definitely know kids would love to cuddle something like this and probably even carry it around with them. Definitely looks like a potential new trend! As long as the materials as soft as it looks, I’d be willing to give it a shot.

  2. nancy

    these are so sweet and fluffy! i purchased one for my niece and she absolutely loves it, carries it around everywhere including the supermarket. do you think they will come out with other animals and colors, shapes, etc. too?


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