Oculus Touch Lets You Use Your Hands To Interact In Virtual Reality Environments


If the surrounding hype is any indication, the Oculus Rift is going to be a massive hit next year. And since a good VR headset will need an equally capable VR controller, the company just announced the Oculus Touch, a pair of handheld motion controllers that will let you see and use your hands in virtual environments.

Designed to deliver a virtual hand presence, the controllers are meant to give the sensation that your in-game hands are actually your own. The virtual limbs will follow every action the physical hand takes, including the movement of the fingers, allowing for detailed interactions from swinging at opponents to grabbing objects to raking John Cena’s eyes at WWE 2K15 (well, we're hoping you can do that, anyway).


The Oculus Touch consists of two controllers, one for each hand, with both getting an analog stick, a pair of buttons, an analog trigger, built-in haptic feedback, and a new input mechanism they’re calling the “hand trigger” that’s accessible via the middle finger, which you can use to prompt the hand to make a grabbing motion. Both are wireless, with integrated lanyards, so you can strap them onto your wrists to avoid dropping the controllers when you open your hands in-game. It uses the same IR LED constellation tracking system used in the Rift to enable precise, low-latency tracking of your hand in the environment, with multiple sensors scattered around the device, allowing it to detect hand-and-finger motions like pointing, waving, and more.


No pricing has been given, but the Oculus Touch is slated to debut in the first half of next year.

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Coleman

    This is cool virtual reality, but hell’s fire alive, Do you see the reality they are throwing you into? Big monsters and robots, climbing for your life up a slippery ladder on the side of an iceberg. This is some adventuresome reality, I’m glad it is only virtual!!

    Can’t wait to see what Oculus releases when they go gold. I would like to know more about their company and founders – or at least the specific developers behind this VR touch.

  2. Vikki

    This looks awesome, and yeah a little scary! It’s so high-tech and cool. I love the idea, and remember back in the day that you could play Tekken with your whole body on these sensor pads at Dave & Busters which was a lot of fun. The technology would pick up your movements with camera(s) and then relay it into the game. Wasn’t the most accurate, but was definitely a great work-out! I can easily see this, like the Wii, becoming personal-fitness oriented too. Will there be any way to hook this up with your XBOX system or other gaming system and play the games? What would that require, tweaks, scripting, or will it only let you play games that the company makes itself? The IR LED system is very advanced, and I’ve seen it applied for other technology and demo-systems within the government. Very cool!

  3. Christian

    this reminds me of the device they sell, i think it’s about $200, over at Brookstone’s. it seems like a similar technology and idea, but without the paddles. it more or less plays movies on it, and guarantees the screen size with the vice over your eyes to be upwards of 8-10FT. if you can play WWE 2K15 with these, or play some Madden, I’m all for this, and want to know where the starter-fund page is!

  4. chrissy

    i hope they release this technology sooner than later! this market is really growing, and there are so many cool movies and games out there to interact with. when do you think we as consumers will be able to actually interact with (touch, control) movies with uprising 3-D technology? i appreciate the usage of infrared-technology, but can 2-D manipulative mirror technology be used to create experiences through games and movies with this like they do with producing ‘holograms’ now a days?


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