One-Off Transformers: 13-Inch Omega Supreme Animated Figure


The gigantic Omega Supreme, as depicted from the last animated series, was one of the most important Transformers ever.  He also happens to be a widely ignored one, with Hasbro neglecting to fashion a decent action figure for the one that sacrificed his life to end the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

As such, it isn't a surprise that his character has become the fodder for individual hobbyists to try to fashion.  Currently being auctioned now on eBay is probably the best of the bunch - a 13.5 x 12 inch animated figurine that looks every bit as accurate as you can imagine an Omega Supreme toy to be.

Apart from staying true to the character's details, the figure is fully transformable into the ship that the Autobots once traveled in.  If that wasn't enough to build a case for this wonder, it sports light-up eyes, a similarly illuminated command center and is fitted with a speech module.  All the limbs move beautifully and the scale makes sense (compared to other characters from the line), making this easily one of the best one-off Transformer creations available today.

If your Transformers collection beg for a new lease on life, I can't imagine a better figure to play as its new centerpiece.  Bidding for the one-of-a-kind Omega Supreme animated figure is currently ongoing until July 6th.  Amount is now up to $3,150 and will likely balloon as deadline draws near.  Take a gander for yourself and see if it's worth your hard-earned money.  It definitely looks like it to me.

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  1. Gary

    The figure doesn’t appear to be the best, I have seen better looking versions of Optimus Prime.

  2. Jack

    Looks very flimsy to say the least and the price is way high. Btter buy the new, improved and blue Optimus Prime.

  3. Nick

    This figure is AWESOME! I can’t BELIEVE Hasbro doesn’t want to take financial risks like this anymore and make the figure!! Can you IMAGINE how much ppl want this figure?!?! I saw the clip on YouTube and pix of it, and the guy who made it is a GENIUS. If they even sold it as an exclusive at KayBee or TRU or wherever, the stores would make a KILLING off it. It’s ALMOST a crime not to make a toy that would easily be on so many ppls’ want lists. Even if I COULD afford it, I’d feel sad for all the others who want it perhaps ever MORE than I do. The rumor is that the damned recent movies (which I actually like somewhat) are detracting from the TFs Animated cartoon and their toys in general. Why bother making that ridiculous Energon Omega except cos this was before the movies got in the way?! Hasbro has gone DOWNHILL, I’d say: they keep making new versions of OLD figures, WITHOUT bothering to make a NEW/DIFFERENT fig! How many Primes do you need? Come ON! :'(

  4. jose pineda

    Good figure, but the price is quite expensive (for not to say ridiculous) I can make one myself in no more than 3 months, that’s what took me to make metroplex and Locomotive Train Optimus Prime at decent scales.
    But it is still one of a kind (until I decide to make one myself) that is a good start.

      • TGB

        Of course not. It’s easier to just lie back on your couch and crap all over someone else’s work while making outlandish claims about your own ability to do the same thing, but without any followthrough. Out of jealousy (read between the lines – he’s saying he wants one but wishes it was mass-produced for, like $100 or something). Anemis went and made a couple more, and I have one. They’re hand-made, scratch-built, not kit-bashed from existing parts. $3000 is completely normal for a one-off of something of this calibre at this size of something that doesn’t exist. But I subsequently got mine for less than this when there were a few more available. Worth every cent. I would have happily paid $3000 for the first one, had I known about the auction at that time.

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