High-Tech Oombrella Umbrella Has Sensors, GoPro Mounts, Buzzers, And More


Does the world need a shiny umbrella?  We don’t know.  When it comes as packed with novel features like this Oombrella, though, I have to say – we absolutely need that shiny umbrella.

Yes, it’s shiny and colorful, making the appearance the very first thing about it that will grab your attention.  And it pulls it off without being tacky, making for a legitimately stylish accessory that won’t look out of place in most any setting.  Oh yeah, it also comes in black and white for those not quite into blinding color, although the standout appeal of the shiny version really sets the thing apart.


Beyond the aesthetics, the Oombrella comes with fun integrated features.  It comes with a sensor-packed capsule (it's situated at the end of the handle) that alerts your phone whenever the weather forecast predicts rain (it reminds you to bring it along before leaving), as well as whenever you leave the umbrella behind, so as long as you don’t forget both the phone and the umbrella, you’ll be good.  A screw thread on the tip allows you to mount a GoPro to the umbrella, with built-in buzzer and light that go off when you receive a text or call.


Features include a UV-resistant windproof canopy, Kevlar ribs, an ergonomic grip, two sizes (3.1 feet and 0.82 feet), and two handle options (straight and curved).  And, yes, you can buy the sensor capsule separately for use with your aerodynamic Senz umbrella (and any umbrella, for that matter).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Oombrella. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €59.

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2 Responses

  1. Nancy Weber

    I am going to have to think a little about what I just read. All of these things do not belong together, yet for some reason, it feels to me like it makes sense in some way.

  2. Pete

    A GoPro mounted on an umbrella is a neat idea, especially if you are a vlogger. An umbrella that tells your phone to remind you to take it because of bad weather coming is a really cool feature. It is definitely more technical that other umbrellas, but that is what sets the Oombrella apart. If you regularly need an umbrella then the Oombrella is a greta choice. If you are only using an umbrella occasionally then you can probably forgo this for a cheap one. I see now downsides to this umbrella. It tracks the weather, lets you know when to take it with you, and looks great. This is the Umbrella Mary Poppins would be carrying in todays world. If you are a vlogger this is a great umbrella to own. If you live in Seattle where it can rain a lot then this is a great umbrella to own. If you are a vlogger that lives in Seattle, then you definitely need to be buying one of the Oombrella unbrellas.


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