This Cute Giraffe Has An Extending Neck That Serves As Measuring Tape


Yes, you already have a measuring tape in your toolbox. You may even have one of those measuring stickers. Chances are, it’s longer than the Miss Meter Measuring Tape, too.  However, it’s also highly likely it's not shaped like a giraffe with a neck that extends every time you pull out the tape measure, which means that, like many of your shop tools, it’s absolutely boring.

Unlike that, there’s nothing boring about this measuring tape. Because it’s a giraffe, with a neck that stretches every time you measure something. Which, if you’re like me, will make you want to measure everything even when there’s absolutely no need to do it.  And when you’re done measuring, it’s still a plastic giraffe that you can send walking around the table, put in battle with other plastic animal toys, and display on your desk with other little toys.


Designed by Idan Noyberg & Gal Bulka for OTOTO, the Miss Meter Measuring Tape measures 8 x 3 x 15 cm, so it’s small enough to carry in your pocket when you need to bring a tape measure anywhere you’re going.  The actual measuring tape that stretches out of the neck spans two meters long (around 6.5 feet), with measurement indicators in both metric and Imperial systems, so you should find it useful whether you prefer your measurements in centimeters or inches.  To use, simply hold the body and pull on the head to start rolling out the tape, with a button on its backside allowing you to lock the tape at any specific length.

Available now, the Miss Meter Measuring Tape is priced at $14.90.

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    • Pete

      I agree with you there. This tape measure would go great in a craft room! This is one of those things that you need around the house, so you might as well buy one that looks awesome like this one.

      I have no need for another tape measure. I own more than enough of them to keep the Army supplied. I do love this tape measure thought. This is what I could give my daughter as a handy and practical gift that she would also adore.

      The design is very unique and simple, yet I never would have thought about making a giraffe shaped tape-measure. Maybe they could design one of a bull with a huge…lol.

      For less than $15 it is not expensive or overly priced compared to a lot of products I see.

      The first tape measure historians know about go back to the Ancient Romans. The Romans would be amazed at how far their technology has come. The modern tape measure traces back to 1868. Miss Meter may be the cutest tape measure ever made. Buy some now for Christmas stocking stuffers.

      My only complaint with this is I wish they sold one in larger lengths. If this was twice as long it would get used more, of course in a craft room this would be the ideal size.

  1. Joey

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