Otto Over-Fired Broiler Pre-Heats To 970-Degrees Celsius In Just 3 Minutes


We don’t know if the Otto Over-Fired Broiler can make steaks that taste as good as the old trusty grill you have sitting in the backyard. From the looks of those steaks in their promotional video, though, it definitely would. More impressively, the darn thing can finish cooking that well before your gas grill is properly preheated. Really.

You know how you’ll usually leave the grill heating for 15 minutes before throwing in those thick, juicy cuts? Yeah, that takes too long. This thing cuts down the preheating time to a mere three minutes (that even beats the 5-minute Velocity Grill), raising the temperature inside the cooking chamber to 970 degrees Celsius in that timeframe so you can start cooking steaks without the painfully long wait.

The Otto Over-Fired Broiler uses two infrared gas units situated on top of the inner compartment to provide the heat. That’s right, on the top. As such, the grates where you set down the steaks on can be height-adjusted using a lever on the outside, so you can push the grates up close to the fire to really sear the meat and pull it back down to the floor once you get a good crust going to finish up the cooking without having to open the door.


Features include individual control knobs for separately adjusting each heating element (useful when you’re cooking two different cuts), a drip tray for collecting all juices during cooking, and a removable top for easy cleaning.  It’s compact, too, coming in at a size similar to larger countertop ovens, although it’s strictly for outdoor use.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Otto Over-Fired Broiler. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €590.

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  1. Bart

    Well you can’t complain about the preheating speed on this. Holy crap! 970 degrees in 3 minutes is amazing. I could preheat this up, throw some bacon on it, and be done eating in less than 10 minutes. This would be a huge timesaver in the morning for me.

    I can buy a full-sized stove for the price of the Otto Over-Fired Broiler, but I still would consider buying a Otto Over-Fired Broiler because it is going to be a huge time saver, save on electricity used, and will be able to fit easier in my small apartment.

    They designed the drip tray very well. I have a smaller toaster oven I use for making chicken. It works OK, but the drip tray takes way too lonf to clean. It is very frustrating trying to clean it up. The Otto Over-Fired Broiler has a very easy to remove and clean drip tray. I am glad they did not overlook this feature.

    The Otto Over-Fired Broiler uses propane so the Otto Over-Fired Broiler will be cheap to operate and portable. Use it in your backyard or take it with you camping. I’d much prefer to grill up my freshly caught fish at the campsite on the Otto Over-Fired Broiler over a traditional campfire.

    • Derek

      Well Bart, two thing about the bacon. 10 mins on a 970f you wouldn’t have bacon you would have burnt ash strips. Also note that they said Celsius, which I thinking is a typo. But for argument sakes 10 mins in a 970c you would have just ash in dust form. Let me know how it is if you get one of these.

      • Derek

        Sorry, Celsius was not a typo. A 1778 degree farenheit grill, pretty cool.

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