A Hybrid Segway/Skateboard Design Makes The Oxboard Ideal For Short Commutes


Despite initial fanfare, the Segway never really got a lot of love. It’s far too big, too awkward, and too goofy-looking to ever really catch on. What if someone took the best parts of that design and made it a whole lot more compact? That seems to be what they did here with the Oxboard.

Like the Segway, it has a footboard propped up on two wheels, riding passengers face-forward across sidewalks, walkways, and similar paved paths. Unlike it, both the footboard and the wheels are way more compact, with the large steering column completely eliminated. It is, basically, a motorized skateboard that rides face-forward instead of sideways.


The Oxboard is an electric-powered personal transporter that measures 24.6 x 9.6 x 9.8 inches and weighs around 20 pounds, making it as convenient to carry as a regular skateboard. It can handle riders up to 240 pounds, ferrying them to distances of up to 12 miles on a single charge. Since it doesn’t have handlebars, there’s a small learning curve when it comes to getting a handle on balance and control, which the company claims you should be able to master within half an hour of use.


With its smaller wheels, the device isn’t equipped to ride over surfaces that aren’t flat and dry, so commuting to work on one will depend on individual situations.   It does look like a lot of fun, though, so it might still see a lot of adoption for recreational, short-distance travel.

Available now, the Oxboard retails for €800.

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3 Responses

  1. Maddie

    Wow! I think I would be afraid to use this, but it looks like fun for those who are braver than I am. It’s very neat, too.

  2. Daniel

    Looks so cool alright, and I love going on Segways. I think these things are fun for recreational use but I don’t think it has much use in real life situations, I would imagine trying to get to work during rush hour in a city on one of these would be pretty dangerous.

  3. William

    This is awesome. Imagine going up and down the beach board-walk or pathways with this. Or even for that matter, going through bike-trails, etc. with it. I think this will be especially useful for those with disabilities or injuries, and would really like to see it utilized by people whom are perhaps rehabilitating injury, usage of their legs, and so forth. I definitely can see them using these for tours in Philadelphia which I’ve seen them use the original Segways with. The price is pretty steep, so it definitively is designed for those with a larger wallet. At the same time though, hopefully they purchase and allow rental of these on an hourly or daily basis so people of all classes and budgets can enjoy it. Pretty nice! Definitely would wear a helmet and maybe some pads with this one. Does it have any lights or reflectors for safety? If not, I guess those could just be stuck on with adhesive.


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