Look It’s Denim, No It’s Sweatpants, No It’s…Pajama Jeans


Hate having to change out of your SpongeBob pajamas when all you want to do is eat at the hotel's breakfast buffet before heading back to your bunk?  Consider the problem solved with the Pajama Jeans, a versatile pair of pants that can double as your bedroom wear.

It looks like denim and feels like pajamas - how much more perfect can clothing get?  The current designs are strictly for women, though, which won't make it nearly as useful if they made it for guys. Imagine: men wearing the exact same thing straight out of bed on their way to the construction site, saving plenty of time on otherwise mundane tasks like taking a bath and getting a fresh batch of underwear.   Women, as far as my subatomic calculations go, generally won't be so utilitarian.  Maybe just once in a while.

The Pajama Jeans sports a bevy of details that make it look like a regular pair of dark wash pants - authentic denim color, high-contrast stitching, back pockets with stitched designs and brass rivets.  If I didn't know better, I'd think you were wearing a pair of counterfeit designer jeans you bought from a powerselling Hong Kong dealer on eBay.

However, it really isn't.  Unlike real jeans, it uses Dormisoft fabric (a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex)  that's both stretchy and cushy, yet gives off a very jersey-like feel.  Inside, it's completely brushed, making it as smooth as fleece.  Basically, it's really just a pair of casual pants that should be so soft and comfortable, you wouldn't mind wearing them to bed.  Like a more stylish pair of mom jeans, probably.

PajamaGram Company is selling the Pajama Jeans for $40 a pop, which sounds like a good deal, considering you can wear them for days on end without needing to change.  Not that we're encouraging you not to wash your clothes or anything - but, hey, water is a precious natural resource...mmmkay?

[Pajama Jeans via Style List]

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  1. Daedalusjones

    I didn’t know they were real till i asked my wife….i laughed and laughed cuz i thought it was a SNL skit hahahahahahah…..Pajama Jeans…hahahahahahah

  2. voi jean

    Loving these I can go on a big nigh out, stumbling through the door and straight into bed without feeling too guilty.
    A perfect creation.

  3. Maysie

    this is a great idea for pregnant women who like the way jeans look but can’t wear them without being uncomfortable.

  4. Peggy

    I just got mine yesterday. Love these things. Husband was complaining he is tired of seeing me in sweats at home all the time and I think he would appreciate these.

  5. sara

    im wondering if its really worth getting. im 37 weeks pregnant but im sick and tired of wearing sweats everywhere. but im so tall i dont know if they will fit me the way i like jeans to fit.

    • Ashely

      Sara – Try talking to customer rep rather than ordering using the automated system. I am sure they will figure out size for you.

  6. Ashley K.

    I received my pair today. I love everything except the ordering process. They try to sell you more than 1 piece but I was smart enought just to get 1 for starters.

    • Ashely

      Totally different. Jeggings are more like denim material but pajama jeans are softer and the biggest coolest difference is the BOOT CUT SHAPE.

  7. Tall Grace

    I have been trying to reach the customer rep but no luck because I also have height issues if you know what I mean. Too tall to shop any where without special assistance 🙂

    • Cindy

      I would like to buy a couple pair but none in longer inseam I need 34. Why don’t they ever make these things longer for taller or leggier people?

      • Jessica

        No kidding. Why do men get waist and inseam sizing, and women are expected to all be the same height. Been outside much, designers and marketers???

  8. Janet

    I want to purchase a pair but cannot see any petit. Regular jeans are too long for me. I wonder if a short lenth is in the works.

  9. Bob

    Why none for men. I am retired live in the country and wear pajamas all day. Pajama jeans would be great for going out and getting a ups package, etc.

      • Tom

        Maybe a real dumb question, but is there any reason a guy can’t wear these? Are women’s jean cut differently? Also, I’ve not seen anything about how fade resistant these are.

  10. drew

    ive been wearing leggings and strechey jeans for ever and love the tight fit why dont they have this for men

  11. Sondra

    Sounds a bit too lazy for me, plus waaaaay too expensive. I’ve never paid more than $10 for jeans, or $6 for sweats or pajama pants. Usually I sew my own for around $2-$4. If it’s not on sale at least 50%, I won’t buy anything.

  12. bruce

    I am a guy, but just bought a larger size and they fit! but when I went to the grocery store, these 2 queers were looking at me.. Guess I will just wear them around the house.

  13. Christie

    It’s a dream team – denim and pajamas rolled into one! I really didn’t think this was doable, and Pajama Jeans is an absolute eye opener for me. This is the ultimate resource for the average hostel dweller who hates the investment of something like ten to fifteen minutes in changing from the comfortable pajama to the presentable jeans. Pajama Jeans are an intelligent and stylish addition to any wardrobe shelf, and they are here to stay, both on the clothing shops, as well as on the buyer!

  14. Helen

    This is a lot more than a new style of clothing. This is an absolutely indispensible time saver! I think of it this way. I get the routine unexpected call late at night for a quick meet on the road. I spend some time thinking if it would be worthwhile changing into a pair of jeans. I generally do that, and then I spend another few minutes figuring out the right match with the tee. This is where the phone rings violently and a few heated words from the other side make me hasten up. And when I return, I am an exhausted person who doesn’t care if she has to sleep in her jeans to save the hassle of changing again. Thank God for Pajama Jeans, these days seem to be hitting their well deserved doomsday.

  15. Pancy

    I never thought that it is an ‘effort’ for people to change their clothes! This better not be the marketing theme for the makers of the Pajama Jeans, which is a really cool clothing to keep in your wardrobe anyway. There is something visibly creamy about these jeans, and I bet they would feel that way too (why else would anybody call them Pajama Jeans if that were not the case!).

  16. Brian

    This is gross injustice, no Pajama Jeans for men! I totally agree that making male versions of the same would multiply the sales of these jeans to such a level that the makers would find it hard to keep their cash registers in check! We are all bored of the fake designer jeans, and too tight economically to get a crack at the authentic stuff. This is a public interest appeal to the makers of Pajama Jeans – please think of humanity and start making them for men also.

  17. Jeremy

    Conventional colors with broad and prominent stitches make for a good buy any day, and when there is a dash of comfort added into the mix, the recipe is simple irresistible. Pajama Jeans is a concept that shall start a whole new breed of clothing ideas. The almost anti-social comfort of the pajamas with the looks of a jeans; what more could one wish for! I am genuinely wondering if there is any other, more worthwhile investment of 40 dollars. Seriously, there isn’t. Pajama Jeans, I am coming to get ya!

  18. Michael Cornelison

    I thought that there were a joke at first, until my teenage daughter brought a pair home from a day out shopping. I stopped laughing. They indeed were soft like a pair of pajamas and my daughter said that they were very comfortable.

    I might not be buying a pair for myself, but I see a huge market for these pajama jeans and the demographic is 13-20soming women.

    Who ever thought of these is brilliant!
    Michael Cornelison

  19. heather

    these are great for sick people to who want to look better but ultimatly feel better about themselves

  20. jessica renee p

    id love to get a pair for my mama shes in a wheelchair.do you sell them in department stores?

    • Cherish

      I am pretty sure they only sell them in as seen on tv stores. They can be found in malls. I found them at my mall.

  21. Cherish

    So I have been excitedly waiting for these things to come into the stores!! I love Jeans but when I travel (which I do alot) I hate to wear my jeans because they are uncomfortable and constricting. Finally they came into the stores and I rushed out every day for a week waiting to get my size (med) and when I finally got them I got home they were flood pants! I am 5 foot 10 and half inches and they barely reach my ankles! 31 inches???? What were they thinking? I need at least 33 or 34 inches! I am so devastated! I am going to have to return them. I am hoping they will make some pajama jeans for tall women as well in the future…I really want a pair! 🙁

  22. Tom

    Is there any reason men cannot wear these? Is there something in the design or something about women’s verses men’s jeans; fit, cut, anything? And, I’ve not seen anything about the durability of these in the wash? Anyone…?

    • Meme

      These are women’s cut, they are lower at the hips, much closer in the crotch area (no room for your junk) and are fitted in the thigh, then flare out at the bottom. So yes, the cut is much different… I would say as long as you don’t mind looking like you are stuck in the 70’s it’s be fine… but the crotch area will be super tight.. and no one wants to see that.

  23. Rick

    These are just the thing I’ve looking for, as far as comfort and looking like a pair of jeans…..Question…???? Do they make them for men????? and if not…WHY???
    I know if they did. and I hope they do, I’d befirst in line to buy them…….


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