PancakeBot 3D-Prints Your Flapjacks In Any Design You Want


That Darth Vader Pancake Maker is awesome. Problem is, it only makes Darth Vader pancakes and even the mighty Sith Lord can get boring after a while. If you want endless creativity with your morning cakes, ditch that single-purpose appliance and pick up the PancakeBot instead.

A 3D printer for pancakes (really), it can automatically make flapjacks in any design you like. Want a robot pancake? Not a problem. How about a pancake that looks like pizza? Yes, please. A pancake in the likeness of your favorite comic book character? If you can make the design, it can be done.

Unlike regular 3D printers, you don’t need 3D modeling skills to create designs for the PancakeBot. Since you’re making flat cakes, you’re designing in 2D anyway, so it should be a whole lot simpler to get creative-looking pancakes every day of the week. It comes with its own software for fashioning your own designs, with plenty of pre-made designs available for download from the website, so you don’t even have to bother making your own.

The PancakeBot has a build area that’s actually a removable, non-stick griddle, so it will cook the batter as soon as it lands onto the hot surface. Batter is extruded from a container at the top, which is held on an arm that travels along the build area. Instead of being hooked up to a computer, it comes with an SD card slot, so all you have to do is save the design on a card and pop it into the slot for printing.

Available now, the PancakeBot is priced at $299.

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2 Responses

  1. Jax

    3D printers amaze me and I never thought I’d see the day that prints would be on anything other than paper. I can’t believe there are people who make BUILDINGS out of prints, and now food?! This is just really cool. My family has always collected waffle and pancake makers, and if we get this, we can save a lot of space in our kitchen. I’m not very smart when it comes to the computer and this maker looks really simple to use. I’m excited to explore the pre-loaded designs on the product website. I know it’s a bit on the expensive side, but my family and I would have a blast creating new styles of pancakes. What a neat invention!

  2. Thomas

    Regardless of how much money this would cost, it WILL save me money. My daughter wants to eat pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse at the local pancake house, but they are so much cheaper to make at home. I have tried different “cookie cutter” pancake shaping tools with varying degrees of success, but this is the answer. We could literally make pancakes in any design we want. She would then rather eat at home since there is more variation to the pancakes we could make then the local pancake house. It is a truly win/win situation!

    Oh this isn’t just for her though. I’d love to have this for the boys when they come over to play poker. I could make up some crude shaped pancakes that would have them all laughing. I love this thing. It is a but pricey, but the long-term cost savings will be worth it. When you combine design skills with food in a fun product then you have my attention. The PancakeBot definitely has my attention.


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