Pikkpack: Yes, Someone Made Flat-Packed Shoes That You’ll Need To Assemble Before Wearing


Does the world need flat-packed shoes? No. Does the world want flat-packed shoes? Apparently, yes, since folks are actually buying Pikkpack, a slip-on leather shoe that ships flat-packed and requires assembly like a piece of IKEA furniture.

Despite its unusual starting form, the shoes are surprisingly normal-looking. Seriously, it looks like a regular pair of comfy slip-ons that you put on for a casual Saturday afternoon about town. It’s a unisex design, too, going just as well with a guy’s casual outfits as it does with a girl’s equally casual threads.


Don’t worry, the Pikkpack doesn’t require any serious assembly. No tools, glue, or any extra accessories needed, either. Instead, each shoe is shipped as a one-piece, with the upper already pre-sewn into the sole. Only catch is, it’s completely flat, so you’ll have to thread the accompanying shoelaces to the pre-cut eyeholes in order to form it into an actual wearable shape. Since you can use any color of laces (yes, we think even your Glow-in-the-Dark Shoelaces will work), you can immediately customize the look. Heck, you can probably even thread the laces in creative ways (although, we absolutely wash our hands of any unsightly results).


Hungary-based Sara Guylas originally designed the Pikkpack as part of a diploma project in school, before taking it to Kickstarter last year in a crowdfunding campaign. This year, Pikkpack is a full-fledged commercial product that you can purchase directly from the outfit for $99 a pair.

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3 Responses

  1. William

    Pretty incredible idea. Can these be taken apart and put back together with ease though over time and wear? How strong are these for walking on asphalt or streets, dirt, etc. ? Are they environmentally friendly? I kind of getting the impression they are considering the materials and concept, but could be wrong. Definitely a super idea to add the glow in the dark shoelace feature-gotta love that, nice and retro for those of us that loved those as kids, and light up sneakers! kinda fancy too i think, would be nice beach shoes in my opinion!

  2. amy

    i can think of a few good uses for a pair of these. pretty sweet! what other colors and patterns can they come in though? i do a lot of traveling, so definitely have a lot of use for these. i don’t know how well they’d hold up against hot concrete in the big city–NYC–where I spend a lot of time or against the punctual of a nail or glass, though. definitely will have to do some more research before investing in these puppies!

  3. army joe

    i wish they had technology and clothing or shoes like this in the military so you can just pack it up, take it apart, and assemble it on the go. definitely saves space too, which is a pretty good deal. when are they going to make boots with materials and technology like this? not that would be a feat!


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