Pixo Magnetic Mount Lets You Attach Any Tablet Onto Any Monitor


If you use your iPad or Android tablet as a secondary desktop display, chances are, you’re using a stand or some makeshift contraption to set it at a nice angle next to your monitor. And while there’s nothing with that, the Pixo does seem like a more attractive alternative.

A mount that lets you attach tablets to any desktop monitor (or TV, for that matter), it tidies up your tablet-reinforced multi-monitor setup. No more setting up a stand atop a pile of books to get it at just the right height – with this thing, just place the mount at any desired position (along the sides, on top, and even at the bottom, if there’s room) and you’re set.


The Pixo attaches to your monitor using metallic stickers, which you place both front and back to ensure a secure hold. Once the stickers are set, you simply slide in the mount, which uses a magnetic clasp to affix itself to the metallic stickers. Similarly, you’ll need to add a metallic sticker to the back of your tablet, which, once installed, you can then use to easily snap it onto the mount’s magnetic docking facility. The use of magnets, instead of adhesives, mean you can take the tablet on and off at will, all while making it just as easy to remove the mount at any time.


It can work with any tablets measuring a maximum of 9mm thick and weighing a maximum of 750 grams, which is, pretty much, any modern tablet in the market (including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro).  Oh yeah, they don’t recommend it for laptops, unless you're willing to maybe… possibly… break it or something.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Pixo. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £25.

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  1. Mindy

    Finally! I’m constantly alternating between my tablet and PC and it’s so easy to end up with a cluttered looking space. I can’t wait for this to come out, so I can finally have a true “home” for my tablets. Our household is more than a bit hectic and this will allow us more options. I don’t know what it is, but I have a tough time doing a single task at a time. Even when I’m watching television, I am usually researching, planning the week or trying to decide what meals I should prep for the upcoming weekend. I like how customizable this magnet makes your screens. What a brilliant invention. I’m sure there are a lot of people drooling over this one!

  2. Brian

    I agree with you Mindy! I sometimes have a need for a second monitor display on my computer, but I wouldn’t use a second monitor enough to justify the purchase of one. With this I can easily attach my tablet to my computer. Sure I’d rather have a larger screen for a secondary display, but I am not a professional who absolutely NEEDS a second monitor, so this would be nice.

    I’s like to use this to display a baseball game on the tablet while I am working off of my main screen. I can see so many uses for this. Of course my wife usually likes to surf on the tablet while I am on the computer, so we might have to break down and buy another table to keep our relationship harmonious. lol.

    The article says the tablet is easily removed from the mount. It also says the mount is removable but doesn’t say how easy it is. How feasible would it be to use the mount on a laptop? If the mount is easily removable also then I can see a lot of laptop users using this also.

    This product is actually a very simple design, but some fo the best designs are those that are least complicated. The ease of use would allow even my tech-illiterate mother to use this.

  3. Andy

    Thanks for sharing this. Just backed the project! Looks great and is not expensive!


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