This Cutter Lets You Quickly Turn Plastic Bottles Into Super-Strong Plastic Ropes


There’s no shortage of online videos that will show you how to turn plastic bottles into functional ropes. Problem is, they all require building some sort of contraption in order to ease the process. The Plastic Bottle Cutter lets you skip the DIY part, giving you the exact tool you need to turn used PET bottles into a strong length of cord.

It’s quite the simple tool. You simply slice off the bottom of a plastic bottle with a knife, then use the tool to start cutting the bottle into thin strands of plastic that’s both strong and flexible. Yes, it’s also likely going to be sharp, so you might want to wear gloves when tying anything down with homemade plastic rope.


The Plastic Bottle Cutter consists of a wooden block with an aluminum fixture fitted around it, with the wood keeping everything in place during cutting while the aluminum performs the actual slicing. By default, it slices the plastic into a pretty fine thread, although you can adjust the width by simply sliding the aluminum fitting’s position lower on the block. That way, you can use it to make not just rope but plastic materials for crafts and other projects.


It measures 5.51 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches, making it small enough to cram into your back pocket for portability. That way, you can use it to create makeshift ropes any time you get the urge – simply retrieve a plastic bottle from the trash and you’re good to go.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Plastic Bottle Cutter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €20.

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  1. Noah

    This is an ingenious idea. This makes your recycling hyper-local and much better for the environment too. This provides a very simple way to get cord from an empty plastic bottle.

    The rope you get from the plastic bottles can be used for an endless variety of projects, arts and crafts, natural fencing , etc. There are even ways you can make clothing with the plastic from bottles!

    As the methods to create cool things continues to grow, more people will become aware of this and want tp get involved. The easy to use plastic bottle cutter will become a household staple.

    There is obviously a huge untapped market here. The Kickstarter was only trying to raise €8,50oo and ended up raising €356,606! That is huge. The product is very simple yet very much in demand. One day you will see this plastic stripper or similar ones in local stores everywhere.


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