Pocket Skater 2 Camera Dolly Folds Into A Portable, Easy-To-Carry Size


If you’re going to shoot professional-looking videos on your DSLR, you’ll need somewhat professional tools to help you do it. When it comes to camera dollies for shooting moving footage, it’s going to be hard to top this highly-portable Pocket Skater 2.

Made by Edelkrone, it’s a collapsible dolly that compacts to the size of portable Bluetooth speakers (2.1 x 5 x 1.8 inches), all while weighing just a single pound. It looks a little too thick to actually fit into your pants pocket like those audio devices would, but a bag pouch would totally make a suitable-enough place to stash one in.


The Pocket Skater 2 is a three-wheeled dolly that can carry smartphone and DSLR cameras up to 5.5 pounds in weight, allowing it to be used even with larger consumer-grade gear. You can straighten the wheels to send the dolly moving in a straight trajectory, as well as have it move in a circle by pivoting the same wheels at your desired angle. Designed to be used without a separate tripod head, the built-in head has adjustable height (from 3 inches to 5.5 inches), angle, and rotation, allowing you to easily change up shots by simply moving camera position by hand, complete with an adjustable center of gravity to provide balance and stability with different setups. Construction is CNC-machined aluminum, with delrin components, rubber wheel rings, and stainless steel screws.


Available now, the Pocket Skater 2 is priced at $289.99.

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3 Responses

  1. Trouble Shooter

    This is a super sweet idea! I love how it only weighs a pound, so hopefully it won’t really throw the equilibrium of my ride off. So wait this is only the dolly? I guess if it’s made durable and comes with a good guarantee of functionality that $300 isn’t too bad of an investment. I would wind up just setting up my smart-phone to it. Can you get one of these that are waterproof to do the same for a surfboard? I have my board tied to my wrist, and I have a water-proof GoPro so it seems like another cool concept. I never heard of EdelKrone so I’ll have to do some research on the company first before buying. I like how you can also adjust the wheels and positions, very practical. Not bad!

  2. viper

    this is a really neat device, but i never heard of this company before; edelkrone. Ill have to do some research on them. this is an amazing concept though, and i love how you can position them, the suction cups, and also shift the gears of the position to follow at different angles. it’s cool that its less than a pound, because i was kind of worried about how this might throw off the equilibrium while I’m riding. if its $300 for just this piece alone, id wind up using my smartphone with a LifeProof case on it for the recording device. besides, if something were too happen, the last thing i want is TWO expensive pieces of equipment going missing or getting destroyed while I’m riding. does anyone know if they make these and use this technology for a surfboard? i always have mine connected to the wrist and have a waterproof GoPro I’d like to attach.

  3. Kelly

    Do you guys think this is really a good deal? At first I thought a nifty camera came with it, but it is just a little skateboard to put your camera on and it looks like you have to use your hands to guide it along, right? I mean – there isn’t a remote control on it that I can see.

    I’m sorry, I have to give this a low rating based on the price and what you actually get. I think it’s a cool little gadget, but I can’t see why the high price tag is on this camera dolly w/no camera.

    – Just watching their video tho, gives you a good idea on how to shoot some of your videos with your own camera set up — the twisting, turning and zooming in and out — and the 360s. – Sorry If I’m missing something.


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