Sorry Transformers, But These Pop Out Pets Plush Dolls Can Shape-Shift Better Than You


Plush toys are awesome. They’re soft, they’re cuddly, and they’re as cute as a pony pooping rainbows and glitter. These Pop Out Pets manage to ramp up the awesomeness, however, by being able to transform into entirely different dolls.

That’s right, plush dolls that are able to shape-shift from one form to another, allowing you to enjoy multiple cuddly critters in one. That way, when your daughter gets bored with William the Witty Walrus, she can simply flip him into Daisy the Debonair Dolphin for an entirely new toy to play with.


Each Pop Out Pet has a hidden pocket in the rear, where two or three other dolls attached to it are cleverly hidden away, serving as additional stuffing. When you get sick of Peyton the Persistent Parrot’s ugly beak staring at you, you simply open the slot to pull out either Tyler the Monkey or Riley the Frog, hide the other two in his slot, and cinch it up using the integrated Velcro closure. All the dolls are made from “super-cuddly” polyester fabric.


Four types of dolls are available: a three-in-one marine-themed plushie called Sea Life Savers (walrus, dolphin, turtle), a three-in-one woodland doll called Jungle Life Defenders (monkey, parrot, frog), a four-in-one set of farm animals called Farm Life Protectors (pig, chicken, cow, and horse), and a four-in-one plush toy called Wild Life Rescuers (bear, leopard, giraffe, gorilla).   The three-in-ones measure 6 inches in diameter, while the four-doll sets measure 8 inches.

The Pop Out Pets are available now, priced at $29.99 for the three-in-ones and $34.99 for the four-in-ones.

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3 Responses

  1. Stacey Bloom

    I really like these, my daughter and niece would love one of them. Aren’t these kind of like those pillow pets in a way? Anyways, would be great for a Christmas gift.

  2. Peter

    This reminds me of a product from back in the day called Popple. They were animals that folded into a ball (which you could easily throw at people) and with one flick of your hands it was a stuffed animal you could cuddle with.

    Very cool.

  3. Lauren M.

    These are pretty cool. I know my daughter would love something like this. Thanks for posting all this cool stuff, makes searching for neat gifts much easier!


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