Make Movie Night More Enjoyable With This Kernel-Separating Popcorn Bowl

Popping an entire bag of popcorn is all but impossible.  Chances are, you’ll always have a handful of unpopped kernels on that bucket, ready to annoy as you accidentally bite on them while trying to enjoy a movie from your Netflix queue.  We’ve, pretty much, accepted it as a permanent wrinkle when enjoying our favorite movie time snack.  Turns out, that doesn’t have to be the case if you eat using a Popcorn Bowl.

Designed by ceramicist Catherine Smith, it’s an erstwhile regular bowl sized to hold a hearty portion of freshly-exploded popping corn straight out of the microwave.  Unlike regular bowls, though, it’s rigged to filter out unpopped kernels from fully-blown popcorn, removing the dangers of accidentally biting into a kernel and chipping a tooth (or ruining a perfectly good filling).  Movie night just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

To perform its kernel-separating magic, the Popcorn Bowl features a covered “drain” on the bottom, with holes sized to allow small corn kernels to fall into.  That way, all you have to do is give the bowl a good shake before you start eating to ensure all of the tiny kernels fall off to the bottom compartment, where you can clean it off later after the movie is done.  Construction is durable stoneware for the bowl, which is twice-fired to produce a high-quality glazed finish.  Dimensions are 10.75 x 5.5 inches (w x h), with a weight of 3 pounds.  Bowl, by the way, is microwave-safe but hand-wash only.

Available now from Uncommon Goods, the handcrafted Popcorn Bowl retails for a pricey $75.

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  1. Miko

    First world problems in the extreme… And pricey at that. I could just use a normal bowl with a cardboard cutout with holes in it to filter out the kernels. And it would be free, more comfortable on the legs because there would be no obtrusive thingie sticking out, but hold a little less popcorn and look less stylish.

    Not worth the money, imo, but a nice idea.


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