Turn Your Cubicle Into A Sports Car Cabin With The Porsche 911 Office Chair


Do you sit in your office chair and wish it can feel as good as the seat on your car?  Yeah, I don’t either, but that’s mostly because I drive a crappy compact. We’re guessing it’s different for Porsche 911 owners, with their sports seats and luxurious upholstery. If you’re one of those people and desire to enjoy the same comfortable cabin experience while toiling in the office, turns out that’s possible – just get this Porsche 911 Office Chair and feel like you never left your car while slumming it in the office.

Yes, they took the same sports seat found in the Porsche 911 Carrera GT3 and GTS models, then turned it into a functional office chair. That way, you can read emails, review proposals, and yell at employees over the phone while chilling in the same comfortable seat you drive in everyday to work.


The Porsche 911 Office Chair combines the 4-Way Plus sports seat with continuous height adjustment, battery-powered backrest adjustment (rechargeable), and adjustable armrests for fully adapting to your desired seating postures. It’s quite the luxurious piece, too, with leather and Porsche alcantara upholstery that’s covered in red contrast stitching for aesthetic detail.  Features include a composite hard material on the back, black hub base, a jacket hook behind the head, and the Porsche crest emblazoned on the rear.  Five casters allow you to race it across the office floor, whether on hardwood, tile, or carpet surfaces. It weighs 77 pounds.

Available now, the Porsche 911 Office Chair is priced at $6,750.

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  1. Jason

    Geesh, for $6,750 I can buy a brand new car with the Elio which retails for $6,800. The chair looks great, but is it really worth that much? If you have money to waste and want to show off then this could be a purchase for you.

    Instead of casters they should have put mini rubber tires on it. That would have been cool looking. Don’t get me wrong, I do like this Porsche office chair, it is just such an extravagant purchase. If it was more affordable then I would love to have one. Maybe I can go the DIY route and find a wrecked Porsche and build my own office chair. I’m just having trouble seeing the appeal of being stuck in traffic and then when you do get to work your still stuck in the same chair.

    If you do buy a this Porsche office chair I’d probably not use it at the office because the cleaning lady would probably ruin it with some of her cleaning chemicals. There’s not a weight limit listed, so I assume it is really durable. Then again I don’t ever see any obese people driving Porsches.


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