Priority Coast Beach Cruiser Will Fend Off Sand, Salt, And Rust Like No Other


Yes, you can ride any bike you want at the beach (even a Golf Bike). Problem is, sand will frequently lodge itself into the bike’s bearings while saltwater will corrode its components over time, ensuring your bike’s going to end up in crappy condition sooner than later. That won’t be a problem with the Priority Coast, a beach cruiser fashioned from the ground up to survive oceanfront conditions.

Unlike other beach cruisers that use standard setups, every single element of the bike has been hand-picked to eliminate preventable problems that are common with beach-bound bicycles. From rusting to catching sand to the inevitable assault of the elements, this bike is designed to call the beach its home.


The Priority Coast uses an aluminum frame and fork to prevent rusting, apart from making the whole thing lighter than traditional steel bike frames. Stainless steel hardware further reinforce its rust-preventing talents, while sealed cartridge bearings ensure neither sand nor salt (nor anything else in your surroundings) can make its way into those critical areas. It also ditches the traditional chain drive in favor of a Gates Carbon Drive belt, which not only solves the rusting problem, but should last around 10 times longer than metal chains without requiring grease.


Features include two puncture-resistant tires on 26-inch alloy wheels, rust-proof stainless steel spokes, weather-resistant grips and seats, Shimano Coaster Hub with corrosion-resistant coating, and a classic beach cruiser geometry. It’s available in two frame styles, standard and step-through, in 12 different colors.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Priority Coast. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $369.

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3 Responses

  1. Isaac Whalten

    I like the idea of rust resistant and this might be the first bike I have ever seen that is powered by a belt instead of a chain. For cruising, the price is in the ballpark!

  2. Joey

    Oh man! My mom used to get so upset with me growing up, because I would ruin bike after bike. Too bad this wasn’t available back then. The beach atmosphere wasn’t the only issue either, I swear I went through more tires than should seem humanly possible. I’m excited about this bike’s puncture-resistant tires and the rust-proof spokes. I keep reading comments and seeing people complaining about the price of this bike but honestly, this is a really good price. If you go to many stores, you’ll spend a minimum of $200 and those bikes don’t offer anywhere near as many features and benefits. Personally, I feel this bike looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  3. Gregory

    Beach cruisers, especially cheaper ones, tend to be extremely heavy, even aluminum ones. This design will be lighter than a regular beachcruiser bicycle, but will tend to last much longer. It weighs in at 26 pounds, which IS light for a beachcruiser. Although this bicycle is built to withstand the weather and rusting, It’’ still tend to breakdown if you store it outside all the time, especially in winter snow. Keep your bike stored inside your house or garage to extend the lifespan of it.

    Beltdrive bicycles have become more common over the past 5 years and the market share is growing, yet you still don’t see a lot of them. I am glad they went with a beltdrive for this. The first time I seen a beltdrive bicycle was in Mountain Biker Magazine, and my first thought was that I’d like to have a beachcruiser with this technology.

    The sealed bearings are great, but somehow minute sand particles well eventually creep in. Fortunately it will keep it out much longer and not allow near as much in which WILL make this cycle last much longer.

    A lot of new cycling companies don’t field test their designs throughly before sending the plans off to a Chinese factory. I am glad that these guys tested their bikes out in real world conditions. I was surprised to see Kimi Werner as one of the testers. She is one of my dream girls. She won the 2008 World Spear Fishing Championships.

    The guy behind this KickStarter has successfully funded abd shipped 2 other KickStarters, so the people who got in early on this will be guaranteed a bike. Too many bicycle KickStarters fail, but fortunately this is one that is a great success. If you want a beach cruiser than this is the best one, and it is very reasonably priced. Sure you can buy a $100 beachcruiser from Walmart, but it won’t last or be as fun to ride.


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