The World Doesn’t Need A Drinking Fountain For Dogs, But I Want One Of These Pawcets Anyway


There’s really nothing wrong with leaving a bowl of water out on the floor, so your dog can slurp a drink any time he gets thirsty. That’s why, there’s absolutely no need for a product like the Pawcet, a drinking fountain for dogs. Yet, I absolutely want to buy one. No, I want four. For no reason whatsoever.

Described as an “outdoor hydration station,” it’s a drinking fountain designed to replace the bowl of water that you leave out for your animal best friend. No more bowls of stale water that inevitably fill up with dirt and the occasional wayward insect – yuck. With this thing in the backyard, your parched pets can quench their thirst with fresh water from the tap every single time.


Created by the inventive minds over at Quirky, the Pawcet is a floor-height drinking fountain that shoots out a continuous blast of water every time your pet presses his paw onto any part of the lid, with the water stopping as soon as he lifts off the weight. For its water supply, the device attaches to any standard garden hose, so you can set it up quickly using tools already lying around in the backyard. Do note, you will have to train your pets to drink from the fountain, but dogs can be pretty fast learners, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, that training sounds like a great way to bond with the flea-infested animal that makes life at home so much better.

Available now, the Pawcet retails for $24.99. Now, imagine a dog wearing the Oppo Quack Duck Bill and drinking from this thing. Instant entertainment.

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3 Responses

  1. Terry

    Well my wife is always talking about something like this! I guess I can stop telling her that such a thing does not exist LOL.

  2. Roger Burr

    This is actually really cool. A fun little gift for our dogs. I can see my dogs getting a kick out of this. I think a sprinkler would be a lot more fun for dogs though.

  3. Brian

    I think consumers should also be warned that not all water hoses are safe to drink from,although they were when I was a child, or were they?
    Just wanted to share my concerns,for the animal sakes.
    Thank you


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