This Remote-Controlled R2-D2 Mini Fridge Will Chill Your Beers And Bring It Over


Someone made a new R2-D2 replica. Not big news, right? This replica happens to be a detailed recreation that reproduces the adorable astromech droid in size, appearance, and movement. Still not that big of a news, right? Well, this replica happens to be the R2-D2 Mini-Fridge, a mobile Artoo that doubles as a chiller for cooling your favorite beverages.

Made by Haier Asia’s AQUA brand, the robot will bleep, bloop, and light up just like its Star Wars counterpart, regaling its human companions with a set of pre-programmed lights and sounds. It’s full-sized, fully-detailed, and completely mobile, so you can make it follow you anywhere in the house like a loyal robot buddy, ready to serve you cold drinks whenever you get the urge for a sip.


The R2-D2 Mini-Fridge isn’t much of a fridge, having just enough space hold a dozen cans of beer, soda, and other drinks. Since it’s battery-powered rather than permanently plugged in, it ditches the compressor, opting for a thermoelectric cooler to chill the drinks inside. A dedicated remote allows you to control its movements, making the robot go forward, backward, left, and right. Dimensions are 940 x 630 x 610 mm (h x w x d), with the feet able to clear bumps on the floor up to 3mm high.


No word on yet on pricing for the R2-D2 Mini-Fridge. The fact that it’s a full-size and detailed Star Wars collectible that also happens to be a remote control fridge on wheels, though, it’s fair to guess it’s not going to be cheap.

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  1. William

    This technology and piece is so cool! I think it’s neat that it’s remote controlled, but honestly, considering today’s technology, would have been much more impressed if it responded and completed tasks on it’s own via audio or video commands or requests. If this is going to be upwards of $500, I don’t see the price justified, but then again for any serious Star Wars fans I’m never surprised to see how much money they’re willing to pump into their hobbies–I guess that can be said for any serious collector, though. Will they make ones like these for the rest of the characters? It’s nice that they designed it with the ability to supersede bumps 3mm or more. It shows they actually put a lot of care and consideration into this product. I’m surprised that this wasn’t American Built–especially by now. Does a foreign country own the rights of the Star Wars name and brand?

  2. Lucas fan

    About ten years ago you could win an R2 D2 refrigerator, but it wasn’t a real robot like this guy. (r2 is a boy, right?)

    I’m not sure about everyone else, but I think I would be afraid of this little guy coming at me with a six pack. haha.

    I tried to visit the “check it out” page and it was in Japanese and I couldnt get google to translate the specs on the robot refrigerator, but I’m guessing it’s gonna cost way more than a fifty dollar dorm size ice box.

    One nice Star Wars geek collection piece. I’m afraid I would be screaming at the kids to get away from it. Don’t break it, dont touch it. haha.

  3. Ann Marie

    lol yeah, sounds pretty valuable and delicate now that you put it that way! that’s crazy! how big was the refrigerator? i want one of these that is remote control but still the same size and functionality or more. i remember as a kid we had a RAD which was a really cool remote control robot that i could play with, with my sisters and friends. do you think they’ll come out and have both rtd2 and cp30 options? id like for them to make one of these for darth vader too, now THAT would be fun! i bet it’d be a lot more expensive too though because it’d obviously have to be a lot taller–in theory at least

  4. Britanica

    Nerds are rejoicing everywhere! haha I am not a HUGE Star Wars fan but I would love to have one of these. What a cool way to keep drinks cool at a party or family gathering in your home. I can see this being a hit on a Sunday for an NFL get together with some guys. I will be sharing this one.

  5. Mike

    i don’t know britanica i kind of get the impression that you have some secret intentions of using this thing as an unwilling participant to be a quarterback or receiver lol. better be careful, it’s expensive! they really should make this thing move around, so i can bring the drinks to people or myself with remote control. definitely would be MUCH better and i think justified in the price that they’re probably looking to get for it.


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