Kids Can Now Drive Their Own Electric Car With Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S


It’s well-established by now that kids love driving as much as grownups do. That’s why we have kiddie cars that drift, kid-sized monster trucks, and even pedal cars that look like dad’s Land Rover. Since there’s a good possibility that majority of new cars will run on electric powertrains a decade or so down the line, Radio Flyer is giving kids an early start with this miniature Tesla Model S ride-on.

A kid-sized version of Tesla’s inaugural model, it’s a near-exact replica of the five-door luxury liftback. Well, except for the fact that the roof’s been shaved off to allow your kid to actually fit inside the cabin. And, yes, it runs on the same battery technology as the original electric car, so your kids can act just as smug about saving the environment as all the annoying Tesla owners you know. Unless, of course, they’re riding next to a pedal-powered car, which easily trumps the mini-Tesla’s eco-friendly card.


Just like with the actual Tesla, the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S offers plenty of options during purchase, allowing you to pick the paint color, battery size, type of wheel, and more. You can also buy backup batteries that kids can easily swap in whenever their current pack runs out of juice. Kids can drive their Teslas both forwards and reverse (buttons on the dash let them switch easily), with the onboard motor providing it a top speed of 6 mph (parents can electronically limit it to 3 mph if they want). It comes with working headlights, a functional trunk (in front), and onboard speakers.


Available now, pricing for the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S starts at $499.

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  1. Frank

    We bought one of these for our son and one for our daughter and it’s one of the best purchases we have ever made. Our kids loves their bikes and their rollerblades but they get a real kick out of being able to drive just like mommy and daddy. The purchasing process is really fun because there are so many customizations available, the options blew me away. You get to select the paint color of course, but also the wheel type as well as battery size. For those of you worried about your little ones driving for the first time, I would advise restricting the speed of the vehicle down to 3mph. Your kids can rock out to their favorite jams and cruise around with their favorite toys in the trunk. It’s such a blast to watch.


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