RC Tow Boat Lets You Drive And Wakeboard At The Same Time

Water skiing has always been a two-person affair.  One guy drives the boat, another gets towed along while standing on skis (the guy laughing at you along the shoreline doesn't count).  The Skier-Controlled Tow Boat changes that, allowing you to both glide on the water while running the boat at the exact same time.

Don't worry, there's no voodoo magic involved (you don't need to sacrifice chickens and deck yourself with corpse paint).   Instead, you can practice your acrobatic water tricks solo because the boat runs unmanned, operated via a remote control panel at the end of the 40-inch long tow rope.

The Skier-Controlled Tow Boat is a tri-hull watercraft measuring 7.9 x 3.5 x 2.4 feet. Decked in fiberglass and molded plastic materials, it's just as durable as any speedboat that will normally be pulling you in the water.   Six buttons along the handle let you power up the boat, change speed, turn and put on the brakes.  It also automatically stops when you let go of the handle.

A three-cylinder, two-stroke 70-hp engine with jet pump and axial flow propulsion provides the muscle, propelling you in the water (minimum 6-feet depth) at a top speed of 40 mph.  According to the product page, the use of an engine instead of propellers makes for a  safer tow boat with superior acceleration and quicker planing

Sure, wakeboarding and water skiing sounds more fun with a mate in tow.  In case your driver's too drunk from last night's binge, though, the Skier-Controlled Tow Boat should have you playing on the water just fine.  It's available now, priced at $17,000.

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  1. Keith

    This cute pinky boat is one powerhouse of a vehicle, with the three cylinder two stroke 70 horse power engine under the hood. And seriously, it would be just so amazing for water sports lovers to have the luxury of scaling the chest of the river all alone. But then, such adrenaline boosts come at a price, and this one scrapes out as many as 17,000$ for the solo water adventure.

  2. Piper

    It is a little hard to appreciate such an invention to begin with. After all, how different is it from a car without a driver? Oh yes I know that the handle gives all the controls to the wake boarder, but then, what about the safety that is ensured into all this by a duo, i.e., a driver and the wake boarder. And just in case my driver were dead asleep from the overnight booze overdose, I would much rather put off the excursion for some other day than venture out in the elements on the mercy of a remote controlled boat. Call it chickening out, but I have certainly seen better concepts than this.

  3. Andy

    The sight of a motorboat propelling forward on water, and a crazy fellow holding onto a rope for dear life, gliding on the surface of water behind the motorboat is overwhelmingly exciting. And the sight of the same motorboat being controlled by the same fellow himself, Holy Lord that is almost scary! But I guess there are too many brave hearts out there who would spend a good part of their month’s salary to procure this stunning piece of water sporting equipment.

  4. Walter

    Though this is an undoubtedly great idea, and the product is really worth the investment for serious wake boarders and skiing people, but I was a bit concerned when I saw the view of the control handle. The control panel seems a bit too small for such a product. Big hands and big fingers might find it difficult to press the all important TURN buttons and end up face first on the peripheral palm trees! However, I have not yet seen the real thing. I guess I should check out some video review to ascertain as to whether my concerns are justified at all.

  5. Sunny

    Wow, to have all the vast expanse of water to oneself, and not even a driver to control the boat. There would be no need to knock the air out of one’s throat in attempt to coax the driver into picking up the speed. All that is needed to be done is to tap at a button or two on the handle and it’s done! I would not be surprised if I were told that there was a team of skiing experts cum technicians behind this idea. Wakeboarding is all about the thrill of getting to swiftly slide on the floor of water and feel the cool gusts of oceanic winds against the face. And this easily overshadows the elements of risk involved in the game. I have had the pleasure of wakeboarding with some seasoned pals of mine, and I know that what an exhilarating experience it is. And to be told that you get to control the motorboat along with wakeboarding, that simply seals the issue. Don’t be surprised if the cash registers are set ringing in the near future for the makers of this new age Tow Boat.

  6. Terny

    Hammacher Schlemmer is at it again. I guess this would be one of the more expensive inventions from the veteran innovators. My word, $17,000 is some hefty price tag for sure. This makes the RC tow boat just a product for the filthy rich, or the crazy wake boarders. But then, I don’t think there is anything quite like this in the market as yet. This is so powerful that it would change the whole dynamics of wakeboarding and water skiing. Standing on a support such as a wakeboard and using the speed of the motorboat to travel the length and breadth of the water body would be a completely new and refreshing fun filled activity for water sports lovers.

  7. Henry

    40 miles per hour, being dragged by an unmanned boat rocket; sounds like all the ingredients for one of the crazy videos they keep showing on action TV channels where the surfers are flipped in the air, to the delight and excitement of the onlookers, and the doom of the rider. I would not dare be a part of this stuff, and most certainly not when I have to do away with 17 thousand U.S. dollars to buy the disaster. This might just be reduced to the fanciful obsession of the ultra rich man. Or maybe an exhibition stunt equipment for trained skiing guys.

  8. Billy Jose

    What if the wiring fails at some instant? What if there’s this little coral jutting out from underneath the water that you would surely miss observing while trying to control the boat from a distance? There are quite a few unanswered queries that would certainly pull prospective buyers back from the deal. And then, I think they have got the pricing all wrong. It is too damn expensive at $17,000. Hammcher Schlemmer have certainly launched some more intelligent and more worthy products than this RC Tow Boat. Nonetheless, it is still a good idea, but only as an idea.

    • Josh

      This not a Idea, seeing as HS is selling it, therefor it is real and has been around since ’90.

  9. Dimitry

    I was instantly interested in the idea when I read the post. Just to get some more insight into it, I tried to conduct further research, but was severely disappointed. Could not find any video reviews where I could see the wonders of the solo wake boarding promised by the RC Tow Boat. And there are some sites reporting that the image going around with the surfer happily gliding along, pulled forward by the unmanned boat is actually an edited thing! Now that can’t be true. I’ve been reading about new, innovative and cool products here from months now. Anyways, in case somebody has the resources to buy this thing, please do not forget to post your experience with it here. A video or two would be the icing on the cake.

  10. Wally

    Hey, I have my doubts about the reliability of the control panel on the handle. I do not think that it would be hundred per cent safe to accelerate the boat to 40 miles per hour with your life depending upon the small buttons on the handle. It might not be very easy to keep a grip and press the right buttons when you are surfing at 40 mph. Also, the size of the panel seems a bit too small for comfort. Well, not that these are the reasons behind me staying away from the RC Tow Boat (I plain do not have the cash), but I suggest wannabe buyers consider these issues before signing the bills.

  11. John Tomasik

    However much I’d love to not have to chase people around every weekend I want to wake board, the wake pictured would make this new device a joke, unless you have zero interest in jumping the wake and all of the fun tricks that go with it (which is 90% of the reason a person wake boards and not water skis). It might be better for a water skier or someone on a tube or knee board. But for wake boarding? Meh…I’d pass.


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