58 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Tennis Balls

Tennis is definitely one my top 5 favorite activities to do in Summer. Nothing like a good session after work with some one who is at your level of playing. Off course playing on a hard court surface can takes it toll on your knees but I have figured out couple of after-match tricks now that help me bounce back in 24 hours.

Just like on your knees, tennis is hard on balls too specially if you play on hard court. Tennis Balls that is. We go through roughly 24-36 balls per week depending upon how many times we play. Most balls loose their true bounce after 4-5 sets. After trial and error we did find that Dunlop Grand Prix hard court tennis ball definitely are longer than many other that we tried. Anyway what have we been doing with those dead tennis balls so far? Yup dumping them in garbage.

Well that was until I saw these very creative uses of old tennis balls. Few of the things that some very creative folks made out of these recycled tennis balls include jar openers, iPod speakers, tennis ball pong table and even a truck decorated with tennnis balls. So this season, make sure you try to put your discarded tennis balls to some good use rather than just dumping them.

Image Courtesy: Elke Munkert Design


[Read more uses here and here]

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  1. Beachcomber

    FACT: Tennis balls have a very high lead content. Lead free pet safe tennis ball look-alikes can be fpund in most pet stores. Regular tennis balls are unsafe for humans to handle, and unsafe for your dog to play with. Sounds strange – but it is true.

    • Goategg

      Actually, the opposite is true. Many toys specifically made for pets have a high lead content, as there is are very loose standards for pet toys in regards to levels of toxic chemicals. Tennis balls made for tennis, however, are lead-free, as the government does set strict standards for products made for human consumption. Not sure where you heard that there is lead in tennis balls, but you might want to do a bit more research next time.

      See more here – http://www.healthystuff.org/get-stuff.php?group-report=Pets


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