Remidi Is A Glove That Functions As A MIDI Controller


Looking for more creative ways to make electronic music? We’re not entirely sure if it’s better or more efficient than any MIDI controller currently in circulation, but we have to admit, the Remidi T8 sure is different. Rather than tapping pads, punching buttons, or pushing sliders, it turns your entire hand into a functional musical instrument all by its lonesome.

A wearable MIDI controller, it’s a glove that you slip into a hand then program to play sounds based on your hand and finger movements. From snapping your fingers and tapping on your leg to moving your hand side to side and clenching it into a fist, any gesture you make can now be used to produce beautiful music. Or unlistenable drivel, depending on your actual skills.


The Remidi T8, of course, isn’t just an ordinary glove, as it comes packed with eight different pressure-sensitive sensors – one on each finger and three distributed across the palm. With that sensor array, the system can track your hand movements (up, down, left, and right), along with its speed, as well as every time your fingers or palm touches something, complete with how hard or softly you’re pressing. There’s also a small MIDI controller with a knob and two buttons along the wrist to help orchestrate the ensemble, with onboard sensors that register when you’re rotating your wrist. As you may have figured out, that makes for a whole lot of input combinations, making this quite the capable MIDI controller. It comes with an accompanying app, all while being compatible with existing MIDI programs like Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Remidi T8. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $229.

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  1. Aaron

    I’m no DJ but I’m very interested in music. I taught myself to play guitar before I was a teenager and I’ve spent some time experimenting with the piano, and even the clarinet. While I’m not too sure what I want to do with my love for music, I love to collect instruments and have fun messing around with the latest technology. Just over $200 doesn’t seem like that much money at all for all the features this glove can do. I’m amazed by how many pressure sensors this ‘simple’ glove has. Technology fascinated me. I would love to learn more about exactly how something like a glove could possibly track so many different movements in order to create sound. Too cool!

  2. Michael

    I’m not a DJ, but if I was I would definitely buy the A wearable MIDI controller. This would be fun to try out though. I can see the A wearable MIDI controller being the next big thing that professionals use.

    How steep is the learning curve for this glove? How durable is this glove? How long does the battery life last with it? How comfortable is it, because it seems like it would make your hand sweat a lot of a a 3-4 hour period of DJ’ing.

    The feature controls remind of the MacBook touch pad, in that once you learn the basic gestures, it is extremely easy to use. I am very interested to find out what a real music professional would think of this, but judging from the KickStarter success, it looks like there is a huge demand for this. How long until we start seeing the A wearable MIDI controller in clubs and in music videos?


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